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JoAnna's Journey

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12:44:56 PM

Morgellons -

Dear Chrissie -

Thank you so much for the sincere well wishes and kind words.

I totally agree with what you said about the correlation between how early a person starts the protocol and how quickly they recover.

I was very fortunate that the Lord led me to Mel's website early on after my symptoms started. Also, as Mel always says, every person is different, and every healing journey is different. We all have various co-infections which can cause roadblocks and setbacks to our healing. But consistency is the key.

Please give Holly a warm hug from me!


10:55:26 AM

Morgellons -

Dear JoAnna

I'm absolutely delighted that you are well now. Especially as you went through very painful times with your knee, it's great you got back on track:-). And to be symptom free now, wow that really is something!!

It was always lovely to hear you on the Prayer calls and Saturday Conference Calls. Your warm, caring, thoughtful nature always shone through. You are missed, but we are happy you are well and enjoying your life free from this illness:-).

It is excellent that you found this community not long after you got sick and got help from Mel, John B and lots of lovely community members!! As you know the quicker people get the help, the quicker they get their immunity back on track!

Take the best care of yourself JoAnna!
Lots of love

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