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8:15:32 PM

Thank you SO much, Maria!

Surprisingly, despite what is happening with my husband, I am calmer than I can even believe. I guess my faith has deepened so much over the past four years that I have to believe that this challenge, too, was meant to be part of my journey.

I know I don’t act like it all the time, but BOY OH BOY can I be stubborn! I’m definitely stubborn enough to not succumb to a bunch of microbes! Their stupid little army inside me will eventually be conquered (although it will feel like the lengthiest single battle in recorded history!)

We ALL need prayers for our circumstances.

Love you!


8:39:33 PM

Dear friends,
Just wanted to say special prayer for Jamie at this time.
Jamie, I feel very grateful to God to have found you--you have helped me more than you will ever know, just by being there. I pray that the good Lord heals you swiftly, and completely.
I look forward to celebrating with you in person, one day, our victory over this disease, over a glass of champagne!
love, and hugs, Maria

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