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8:15:32 PM

Thank you SO much, Maria!

Surprisingly, despite what is happening with my husband, I am calmer than I can even believe. I guess my faith has deepened so much over the past four years that I have to believe that this challenge, too, was meant to be part of my journey.

I know I don’t act like it all the time, but BOY OH BOY can I be stubborn! I’m definitely stubborn enough to not succumb to a bunch of microbes! Their stupid little army inside me will eventually be conquered (although it will feel like the lengthiest single battle in recorded history!)

We ALL need prayers for our circumstances.

Love you!


8:39:33 PM

Dear friends,
Just wanted to say special prayer for Jamie at this time.
Jamie, I feel very grateful to God to have found you--you have helped me more than you will ever know, just by being there. I pray that the good Lord heals you swiftly, and completely.
I look forward to celebrating with you in person, one day, our victory over this disease, over a glass of champagne!
love, and hugs, Maria

6:34:19 PM

Hi Jamie/Maria,

What a beautiful story,

I spoke with Jamie the other day and the joy in her voice is so indescribable of the joy she found in a new friend.

This is such a great testament to the community here. If your not a part of this great community I encourage you to come join and be apart...the support, love, and care is genuine.


4:49:39 PM

Hello, Linda!

Thank you for your sweet post!

It was great to touch base with you the other day...it had been a long while...too long!

I know that work has been very stressful for you lately. I hope it doesn’t stay that way for too very long!


8:53:47 AM
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Hi Jamie and Maria,

This is the sweetest story ever. It brings warmth and happiness in this really trying time.

It brings hope as well in that both of you describe each other as beautiful and radiant. I'm sure you both were already beautiful but the protocol is ensuring that you stay that way inside and out.

Blessings and love to you both.

7:18:17 PM

Hey, Tea!

We DEFINITELY need to touch base...it’s been WAY too long! Give me a call this upcoming week! I miss you!


3:08:05 PM

Aww that’s so sweet Jamie. I loved that you took the the time to share. It brings a warm and fuzzy feelings to the heart, which is so desperately needed!

Joy is what we all need and especially now. Although we’re all miles apart sharing in this forum, it makes me feel like there’s nothing separating us and it’s a great reminder that in trying times we still have hope and that Jesus is with us.

Thank you Maria for the encouragement and reminders how good we perform our daily life and how amazing our strength is within.

Again, thank you! I needed this!!!!

2:26:37 PM
Those who do not give up HOPE get well!

Jamie, this is an absolutely beautiful and heartwarming post!

I can tell you that you painted the picture of the special meeting with Maria perfectly :-).

I may be thousands of miles away from you in Scotland, but I am sitting here reading your words. I can now see in my minds eye Maria and her daughter smiling at you through the glass and you smiling back.

Now I am smiling also because of your encounter. As is every other person I'd imagine who reads about your meeting.

Sometimes, we forget who we are deep down. At those times other people just in a small yet precious encounter can remind us. We smile and in that moment we are back home to ourselves and each other. We bring back to each other the goodness of connection and of humanity.

Your post is especially prevalent just now with the social distancing in place the world over.

It didn't matter that there was glass between you both. What was in your essences shone out for both of you.

It is so essential for us all to have such moments in our lives. This is especially true when life is not easy and we are struggling healthwise.

A big smile that lights up the face and comes from the heart is priceless.

Thanks for sharing that delicate yet powerful moment with us!!

God bless you, Maria and her sweet daughter :-)

2:23:20 PM

Dear Jamie,

Your moving post made me cry...thank you, my sweet friend!

It was a treat and a thrill to see you--you are a beautiful, stylish, petite woman with verve, wit, and a radiant smile!

It certainly lifted my spirits like nothing has in a long while. Made me realize how indefatigably strong, and vital we are, in spite of our disease, in spite of the pandemic--we carry on. We work, teach, love, laugh, play, raise kids, cook meals, and clean homes, We do it all while battling this disease, and by God, we can still smile through it.
When I saw you, Jamie, so lovely, and vibrant, in spite of all that you are going through, it made me realize in a visceral way: We will overcome this--I feel it in my bones.

Seeing you gave me that precious gift of hope all over again,

Thank you.
Jamie **

7:50:18 PM

Hello, everyone.

Since moments of sheer JOY are probably few and far between right now in our current state of the world, I feel compelled to share a very special moment that I experienced on Monday.

Maria and I both live in Massachusetts—in fact, we are less than 15 miles away from each other. We shockingly haven’t ever run into each other at Wegman’s or Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods.

The other day, Maria texted me a picture of some sulfur soap (that doesn’t smell terrible at all) that she is using on her hair. It has helped her, so she suggested that I order some. I hate to spend money on hair products that ,after one use, sit on the shelves. Been there, done that. So, I suggested a trade: a piece of the soap (she had ordered multiple bars) for some monolaurin.

We made this simple arrangement. I would swing by her home, and we would “swap paper bags.” I would leave the monolaurin on her porch, and the soap would be waiting for me there.

When I arrived at Maria’s beautiful home, I only intended to grab the bag and go. To my surprise, Maria was at her front door. She has glass behind the actual door. We were able to see each other and talk briefly through the glass. I was also able to see her absolutely gorgeous daughter who sweetly smiled at me and said hello as well.

I must have smiled from ear to ear, something that hasn’t happened much this past week. I’ve been told before that I am too serious and that I don’t smile enough, which is absolutely true. I admit it. I’ve been told before that when I do smile, my face lights up. Apparently, that happened on Monday because Maria texted me after I left and told me that I had a beautiful smile and that no picture she has ever seen of me has done me justice. Since I know what I look like in comparison to what I look like now, that made me feel so good. And let me tell you: Maria is a beautiful woman, MD or not! She’s tall and stately and has a lovely face.

I want to publicly thank Maria for absolutely making my day, my week, my month. Although our encounter lasted under two minutes, it was a reminder to me of what wonderful friends I have made on this forum and how we should fully embrace moments of JOY when God blesses us with them.

As I got in my car and drove away, I was flooded with warmth, and I truly believe that God’s spirit was upon me. Thank you, Maria, for your generosity, your friendship, and the gift of joy that you gave me. I love you, girl!

May God bless all of you and keep you safe in the upcoming months. I pray for all of us every day.