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8:59:47 PM

Hi Robin,

Thanks for your thoughts on the stomp out cortisol post. Of course I always write too much and then people get worn out before they get to the end. But...bottom line...Mel cracks us all up with his kid-like behavior. His goal is to get us to laugh, and that he does.

On another note...the pic he put on your post with "him" (his face pasted on the advertisement pic) on a sled is the result of a conversation he and I had when he was so excited about moving into his current apartment. At that time there was only empty sloping land behind his place, and in one of our conversations, he decided he needed a sled because the sloping land would be so much fun when it snowed. As a joke, I found this sled (in pic on Robin's post) for him online at a bargain basement price (which should tell you about its overall safety) and Mel was ecstatic. He talked about buying that little sled several times after that with his logic being that he "could afford it."

Uh huh...sure Mel...that's a REALLY good reason to buy what would amount to a death trap for an athlete in his prime...and certainly not a good idea for a senior in any way shape or form.

Suffice it to say Mel could get a rise out of me any time he brought up buying that death trap sled. And so...I opened up your post with that pic on it and better not!

And he'd BETTER NOT.



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