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12:09:24 AM

Hi Karen,

Thank you so much for the info on your reaction to impulse pulse, it helps me so much to hear your reaction and what to expect. I started today on day one and after talking to John, he advised taking the two daily pills at separate meals, which I did.

I am already feeling sleepy as you mentioned but I know this is good!!

Lets pray this gets us both over the finish line!!

Thanks Again & God Bless!

3:22:33 PM

Hi Katharine,

Thank you for your kind words! I'm SO happy for you to be in the 95% club. No one understands what a big deal this is unless they are in our community...you've had to work very hard to get to this point and you should be celebrated. You've asked about the Immune Pulse, and I'll do my best to give you a thorough answer.

Ok...backstory...those of you who know me are now probably rolling your eyes, or stopping to go get a snack to sustain you through what will probably be a very long post. I've never been good at being succinct.

I'd read about Immune Pulse years ago when I first started with this community. I'd stumbled across it on the Logos site, and because I was a coaching customer, I asked Mel if I should take it. At that time I was just starting out and Mel said absolutely not. He then told me what to do for where I was and I basically forgot about it.

The idea of it resurfaced a time or two over the years, and my takeaway about it was that Peter had used it with good results though he'd used it at the end of his recovery and that it was a rough ride. I asked Mel about it again a time or two over the years and he always said...not ready.

A couple of months ago, Mel called me and asked me careful questions about my symptoms. He knew what was going on with me, but wanted to make double sure he had accurate information. After answering him, he said he wanted me to get on Immune Pulse.

My first reactions were of excitement and fear. Excitement because this meant I was getting toward the end of this long journey and fear because I'd heard what Peter had gone through. From what I'd heard, Peter had gone to herx-ville in a hand basket but had persevered through three or four rounds of it to finally be propelled to the finish line.

AND...Peter's last symptoms prior to starting the Immune Pulse were exactly like mine! I was on cloud 9....SO excited because these last symptoms which are small cyst-like bumps under the skin on the bottom of my chin were driving me insane. The skin expression of this is smaller than the size of a dime, and it's unnoticeable to anyone looking at me. However, it drives me nuts because all the awful skin sensations are concentrated into that one small area and those sensations can be intense.

That was the good part...that my last symptoms were like his and his journey with the Immune Pulse would now provide me with a road map to go through the process. But the bad part was...I was so scared!

I can be a baby about any herxing...even the mild herxing I get from WPS...so...signing up for this trip was going to be huge for me. I immediately ordered a bottle of it after Mel called me but went into my "situation room" (lol...my easy chair) to contemplate how I would work the herxing into my schedule.

I was sure I'd be bedridden in agony when I took the first one, so I developed a plan to completely clear my schedule and made rescue soup to sustain me when (in my mind) I would have to crawl from my bed to the kitchen to finally eat after screaming in hideous pain from herxing for hours on end. As you can see, I built this experience up in my mind quite a lot and was pretty apprehensive. I'd also probably flooded my body with cortisol in anticipation of same.

So the day came when, with shaking hands I took my first Immune Pulse. I took it and jumped straight into my easy chair to binge watch Netflix before the time I knew I'd have to drag myself to bed in extreme pain.

I waited for the bomb to hit.

It didn't...and then I waited some more...and it did not!

I got up and started going about my usual business...and then I noticed I actually felt better! I mean not just a little bit better but a LOT better. I took it again the next day and then I noticed that I continued to feel better and that some of my symptoms subsiding...I was ecstatic!

As a matter of fact, I was so excited that I wrote John B. and Mel an email about how great I was doing. They were probably rolling their eyes at my immediate response to a long term treatment...but considering how scared I was about what I thought I was going to experience, this was an almost miraculous result in my mind!

So...more about Immune Pulse. Yes! It's continued to be a huge help. Every day hasn't been rosy though...but my herxing hasn't been bad at all and only limited to a very few days. This was probably because I didn't read the label carefully and only took one capsule instead of two per day for the first three weeks, so that probably eased me into it too. I'm now up to two a day as directed and feeling better and better.

I have noticed one big side effect though and it's actually been a pleasant one. I am SO sleepy! I told Mel I'd become a sleeping machine. One day I slept 20 out of 24 hours! My take on it is that Immune Pulse is building your immune system and one's immune system can only repair when you sleep...so this forces you to sleep so the ingredients can do their work (my theory).

Speaking of ingredients, I was amazed when I started exploring what's in this product. I looked at all the ingredients in it and decided to Google each to see what they did. The list is LONG...but here's what I found. Almost every ingredient is a strong immunity builder...and...I'm really glad to be taking it right now considering the fact that I live in the Houston area and that we're a hot spot for Covid at the moment. There are also other ingredients that break biofilm apart which is (I guess) why Peter finally got rid of the place on his arm and why the place on my chin is starting to get better.

Peter talked about Immune Pulse on a conference call a few weeks back and he said he'd gone through three or four (I can't remember) rounds of it and that had taken him a year. I was so excited because the way he described his symptoms was exactly what I was currently experiencing. A road map! I was jumping for joy!

And since then, my journey has been following the trajectory of what Peter experienced, though I'm still only just at the beginning...I still haven't finished my first bottle. This is because you take it on and off according to the directions...you "pulse" it, so you don't take it every day.

I do feel so much better...but the pathogens definitely fight back...they morph and change and create sensations and are not going down without a fight. They don't go away all at once. I can see why this took Peter a year. I told Mel I feel like my immune system is like a lawn mower. You know how you have to pull the string to get a gasoline lawn mower started? I've never been able to start one easily...I pull and pull and can hear the motor just trying to turn over and when I think I can't pull anymore, it finally catches and starts. That's my immune system vs the pathogens right now. It's a battle royale, but I believe my immune system is edging out the bad guys by a nose and gaining ground every day.

Bottom line...Immune Pulse is GOOD STUFF! However...it will only do it's magic if you are in the right place in your recovery. Do not take it unless you consult Mel. This is important because you don't want to do harm and set yourself back.

So...Katharine...congratulations for getting to the 95% club! I hope your experience with Immune Pulse is a good ride and that it propels you to the finish line in record time.


Katharine **

11:50:27 PM
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Do not take Immune Pulse without consulting with Mel

Hi Karen,

Hope you are doing well with the immune pulse. You sounded excited on the conference call Saturday about it.

Would appreciate any of your thoughts on how it is affecting you, I know you are very excited to be nearing the finish line as I am.
I am getting ready to start immune pulse. This has been a long journey for both of us.

Mel telling me I am 95% well, is music to my ears.

I always love to listen to your instincts and thoughts, you are a great teacher!!

Thank You in Advance!
God Bless!