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Karpe Diem, Carpe Deus.

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9:18:16 AM

Morgellons -

Hi Karen The Librarian,

Thank you for your very encouraging post. Thank you for reminding us all that we should "Carpe Deus" or "Seize God", and how important it is to seek God with our whole heart

Thank you also for posting that inspiring video of Andre Crouch. I loved his story of how his father became a pastor. It is so wonderful that his father prayed that God would give his son the gift of music. Boy, did God ever do that! What a great talent God gave him.

As Andre Crouch said in the video, talking about Jesus, "He's everything".

God bless,


8:19:47 AM

Morgellons -

Hi Karen The Librarian ,

I know you've been around for a little while now, but I haven't yet personally welcomed you to the site. Welcome! I love reading your posts. I truly believe God has led each of us here to both heal and share our gifts. Your gift of sharing facts backed by research is invaluable...and SO impressive considering the brain fog all of us deal with. I've learned a lot from reading your posts.

This is such an uplifting post...I loved listening to Andrae...especially his story of how he got started in music as a young child. I got tears in my eyes listening to how much faith his family had...his dad asking him if he wanted the gift of music and then his just sitting down at the piano in church and playing for the congregation...and his song is beautiful in both lyrics and music.

Dead Poet's Society was one of my favorite movies...and the term Carpe Diem has more and more meaning to me as the years fly by. I noticed the video you shared of Andrea was at a Billy Graham revival in 1975...Andrea had such a baby face...he was so young! Yet another reminder to seize the day...time just flies by so fast.

It reminds me to be mindful and every be present in every moment...both good and the bad. Life is an experience...and we have the opportunity to engage and grow until our last breath. Morgellons isn't on the top of the "good" list of life's moments...but it certainly offers us opportunities to grow


Karen (the "chef" but really just someone who likes to cook)

10:27:33 AM

Morgellons -


I just want to say what a beautiful message and song this young man sang! Genuine Grace!


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