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6:09:51 PM

Hello everyone...

I spray Kleen Green on my window sills inside and out!

I also spray the baseboards in the kitchen, and the baseboards in the bathroom.......
On days that I thoroughly clean both of the above rooms, I also spray every area where there are cracks that are unreachable. Example, under the dishwasher, and beside, under the stove, and the cracks beside........
During the later part of the Summer and Fall, after I would come in from the balcony area, I would take off my shoes and spray the souls. This Spring, I am getting a large shoe box, deposit shoes, and doing the same thing, only putting a tight lid on the shoe box........
I did not know ANYTHING about bird mites last year, and in my ignorance, I bought them inside when I used the same broom and dust pan, to sweep outside....(not to mention the fact that I hung out the window trying to get a better view of all the birds in my neighbors feeders !!) Oh well......someone once said...."you learn something new each day.....if you live long enough". That's all for now.....
Did I mention I love Kleen Green : - )
june aka 717
p.s. i also spray my broom and dustpan before putting them away.....

10:10:47 PM

Hello my friend Warriors,

I wrote the post on clean green hair treatment. I wanted to add that many times I added tea tree oil to the clean green mixture.

Always remember if you decide to try this.
1) everybody's body is different.
2) slow and steady

God Bless,

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