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Mel **

2:19:39 PM

Hello Everyone and Welcome,

I want to share with you the most current updates on a few topics.

Let me start with the YouTube videos that were created by our very own Margo, a former Morgellons and mold sufferer. Margo has commissioned a series of videos to bring truth and a greater awareness to the toxic disease community.

The first video was published on March 31st and is quickly approaching 1000 views with a fantastic ratio of 20 to 1 thumbs up vs thumbs down. Since then we have published two more videos including a "live call in, question and answer format." These two videos are both approaching 500 views and once again with a high ratio of thumbs up vs thumbs down of 17 to 3.

Our next program is scheduled for May 29. It will also be a "live call in, question and answer format". This program will allow people to meet our manufacturers as well as our webmaster and have the opportunity to ask questions.

These videos can be viewed here. Mel Friedman, Toxic Disease Pioneer

Every Saturday we invite you to attend the Coffee, tea with Me conference calls. The highest percentage of people who restore their health garner an enormous amount of information and community support on a weekly basis.

Click on the link for details and remember, these calls are Free!! More Communication is Better

Please allow me to challenge those who have been here for a while to help greet and respond to posts from Newbies always remembering the joy that came from learning You Are Not Alone and that we are a community of support to not only encourage hope but to also to help guide you on your journey to health restoration.

Please, please remember your monthly commitment to the He Cures All Foundation as we are always looking for funding to help more people.

If you get a chance, Please like us on FaceBook.

God Bless you all, and yes it's true, Those Who did Not give up Hope, Got Well,


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