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Learning to Listen to your body!

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8:14:16 AM

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Hey Peter.,

Thank you for your kind words!

Please keep me in your prayers we can never have to many people praying for us.

The devil tries to keep us down but I let God take care of him. The Trinity is our only hope for our future! So thankful God gave me a wonderful Christian family and I learned early to depend on the Lord. I know I disappointed him to many times but he is a wonderful Heavenly Father who doesn’t let us down.

Neither did my earth family and I miss all of them so much but my prayers are for service for the Lord and unity with my family one day.

It is hard waiting on Gods timing but he knows what is best.

Nancy S

8:31:52 AM

Morgellons -

Hello Nancy

I just want to thank you for always demonstrating a spirit of courage, and of hope. You are always pointing others to the truth and to what really matters in recovery. "You are a blessing to everyone here!"

Warmest Regards,

8:14:16 AM

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Good morning !!,

Wishing the sun would shine!

Everyone is different inside and outside so we have to really listen to our body and think about what we eat, where we live and learn to handle what we need the most!

God is always first without him we aren’t going anywhere! But he expects us to learn to communicate with him.

What we are dealing with is so unrealistic to us and everyone so we are learning how to cope with our lives each day. Everybody can’t do everything the same what might work for one can hinder someone else so the pace is different for all.
We learn pretty fast when we make a mistake because your body lets you know so we have to back up to see what we did differently to correct it. Believe me I learned this fast.

Mel ask us to keep a journal so we can look back because with this situation we can’t always remember and that really helps. Also mold is a major enemy. I wish I had understood more about what our food does to our body today but we are learning the hard way.

God, Mel and John plus a lot of others help us!
I so appreciate them and just want to say thank you.

God Bless you and the HCAF!!!!