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Rockin Robin

5:25:19 PM

Dear Adam,

Sorry it took me a while to get back to you; I have been so busy! I love reading your posts. Thank you for the recipe for the crackers; I must try it!

You sound as if you have really got it together!! Bully for you my friend!!! Great job!! Keep going, one day at a time, win each day over Morgellons and Lyme!! Each day puts us one day closer to complete wellness.

Cooking and experimenting with recipes on the diet helps tremendously with staying on it !! Tea and I are going to try adding some new recipes in the forum.

I love music so much, but can't write the music only the words to songs. I don't play any instruments, that's probably why. I listen to music everyday and love it! It feds my soul and really uplifts me. Need my music fix!!!!!

You must be very talented to write it and produce it!!
So glad you have support from your family, it is so important in this battle for wellness!

I have been experimenting with radishes!! I sliced a whole bag up and coked them like smothered potatoes. Olive oil, chopped onion and lots of sliced radishes. Use the lid, and cook them with the lid on til about half are browned. They really do taste like potatoes!!!! I put them in soups in place of potatoes. Tea and I are gonna try Potato Salad made with radishes. Boil them and see if it works! Avacado mayo, lemon juice, seasonings, celery, eggs, and maybe some chopped cucumber. Sounds good huh? We have not tried it yet, but its on our list of " To Do's"!

I wash my clothes in WPS twice each time. My washer will only let me soak them for 10 min. or it drains the water. So I do them twice and wash them last in Kleen Green. All I know is that it works!!! I don't have a lot of laundry!

If you have any questions, be sure and ask!!

Keep on keeping on!! Keep on splooshing!! Your doing GREAT!!!!

Rockin Robin

5:45:04 PM

Thank you to Tea and Chrissie for you lively comments! It feels good to be appreciated. And yes, Chrissie, I make up words here and there, such as 'splooshing', but more often I like to intentionally mis-pronounce words or completely butcher them. Maybe oddballs like me are how new dialects are formed.

As far as eggplant, I think aubergine is a much better word choice. Eggplant sounds mildly insulting, and I'm sure there are a number of people who won't eat it based on the name alone - what a shame :(. I feel a similar feeling for woodpeckers too - their name deserves an upgrade as well.

Thank you to Mel for sending me the six bottles of WPS and citric acid for placing third in the contest. It hasn't made it into my protocol yet, but I'm in no hurry, and will wait until I receive the go-ahead. Thank God for all those who have fought for health freedom, otherwise, the powers-that-be may have made things like WPS unavailable to us.

In the last week, I finished producing two songs, one called 'Forever', about losing someone you love, and another called 'Delta Gumbo', which has no words but does have vocals, and it was named as such because I was under the influence of a delta-8 gummy when I came up with the hook. Today, I made great progress on a track called 'Lights Out', which may have one of the greatest hooks in the history of rock and roll. The hook was in my head for three days straight when I was in Naples a couple of months ago, and now I'm finally producing it. As difficult as things often are, life feels worthwhile when I can add beauty to the world. And oftentimes, being a little silly is the only way I can make it through the days, and that's how words like 'splooshing' come into being.

I wish you all fabulous health, laughter, and that you experience new things that make you feel truly alive. Ladoof!!! (that means definitely)

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