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Less is best

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Ruth Ann
8:27:14 AM

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I love corn bread will have to try the recipe.

The cold weather we are experiencing the last couple of days have revived the daffodils and they are beautiful and
the tulips are blooming
I have been waiting to get out and plant the beginning of a garden, I can remember several years ago working outside in my garden when it was 55 degrees out in March and sunny. It is 41 degrees here now (southern Michigan) and have a light rain.

If anyone knows how to keep wood chucks out of the garden I'd love to know. My brother farms and they have to deal with a LOT of wood chucks every yearas they eat soybeans, corn etc. I live in town so can't shoot them.

My husbandtrapped them and released them in a woods away from town.

They are a nuisance and are very destructive.They actually ate through my neighbors wood siding on
his garage and dug under the porch of another neighbor.
And they dug under ourgarage cement floor.

Hope all are doing well. Warm weather is coming soon.

Ruth Ann

"While the earth remains seedtime & harvest & cold & heat & summer & winter & day & night shall not cease." Genesis 8:22

1:45:08 PM

Morgellons -

Hello all,

I Love all our food just hate it when I feel to tried to fix it! Going through a hexing the last week! These things sure put up a fight but I don’t quit fighting back!

Mel helps me understand what is going on. No pain but still fighting nose ear and mouth infection but it to will end.

I hate to miss our calls but Sunday we was without power because of a thunderstorm Saturday night. We got power back on late Sunday afternoon.

Praying for all and hoping no one goes through what I have, But you are in the right place to get well, just not in one day!

Love you guys and love all the post!!!

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