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8:53:28 PM

Hello Everyone and Welcome,

Victoria, a long time member of the community sent this video in the hope that it will warm your heart and put a smile on your face.

God Bless You All,



2:51:40 PM

Hi Freddie, RuthAnn, and Chrissie

I am fortunate to live in Florida on a lake during the lock down because we spend a lot of time sitting on the dock and watching the wildlife. We also kayac, row boat, bike and walk in our neighborhood at least 30 -60 minutes every day.

Inside, I have a jigsaw puzzle out on the dining table and still teach several students math, English, and painting online so there is prep work that keeps me busy. I have enjoyed doing several paintings in the past few weeks.

I'm also a big fan of devotionals and attend 3 weekly Zoom Bible studies/prayer groups. Love being in the Word!

Lastly, I love FaceTime, Skype, and WhatsAp which keeps me connected to friends around the world.

Love you ladies.
Many Blessings,

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