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11:08:35 PM

Hi Niki!!

Welcome!! I am so glad you’re here!

This is definitely a great place to connect with people who’ve suffered with Lyme, Morgellons and other toxic diseases. Lyme disease can be contracted by ticks, spiders, mites and also mosquitoes.

I completely agree with everything Donna has mentioned and hope your able to be on this Saturday’s call.

At times this can all seem so overwhelming, but don’t let it control you & you’re definitely in the right place and you’ are never alone!

Again, I welcome you to this community & we are so glad you’re here!!!

3:49:49 PM
Thanks Chrissie, well done.

Dear Niki,


I am sorry you have suffered Morgellons disease for a year now, but I am glad you have joined this community.

It is so helpful to come on to the Saturday call and ask any pertinent questions that you might have.

Any time you can, read read and read again! This is a fantastic website, with knowledge and information bursting from its seams.

! If you need extra one to one help Mel will also help you via coaching.He has experienced it all himself (and healed himself) and there is nothing he hasn't heard over the years re this disease.

I contracted Morgellons through bird mites. I also have Lyme and Bartonella. Regards Bartonella do you get scratches that instantaneously appear? They call it cat scratch disease for this reason. Also it's called that because 80% of cats carry Bartonella but most are asymptomatic. Do you get a sore throat and swollen glands that comes and goes? Burning sensations on your feet and elsewhere? They are very typical symptoms of Bartonella.

If you have Bartonella the protocol will help your immunity to fight back. Topically, clove oil will help in the bath. Bartonella absolutely hates clove.

I think I may have had Lyme and Bartonella before I got Morgellons disease. I also had candida beforehand which many sufferers have. I also have Epstein Barr Virus as many of us have.

I think I read somewhere that only 4% of people with Lyme have Morgellons too, However as Donna said many with Morgellons have Lyme.

In the F1000 research paper on Morgellons Disease published in 2013 by Peter Mayne and various other doctors from around the globe, the authors stated that Morgellons was, 'a multi systemic infectious disease process.' It can incorporate Lyme, various Co infections like Bartonella or Babesia, viral, fungal, bacterial and parasitic components also. Not everyone has the same Co infections but many do.

The most important thing for all us sufferers of toxic disease is to build up the bio terrain from the inside out. Simply put, we were easy prey for the stealth pathogens, irrespective of the exact pathogens we all harbour. If our immunity had been strong in the first place we would not have gotten sick.

So whilst knowledge is indeed power and it is good to know as far as possible, what pathogens are harbouring inside of us. Our focus here is to take the nutrients, vitamins, herbs and foods that we need to build ourselves up. Besides, there are so many unknown variables to Morgellons that are yet to be scientifically studied. The CDC have just not made Lyme or Morgellons a priority in any way :-(.

Many in our community have been made financially bereft by fighting this disease, before they found this website. So many have not had a definitive diagnosis re the Co infections that they do have. However, this has not been a problem. This is because, often through awareness of symptoms people discover that they have Lyme, Candida, Bartonella, Epstein Barr etc.

Also, often the Lyme and Co infection tests are inadequate. Many of the pathogens can hide in biofilm and therefore testing can often be false negative for Lyme and Bartonella.

Another very important thing is that we all have to stay away from stress as cortisol raises blood sugar and feeds toxic disease. By pacing ourselves, having patience, endurance and following, 'the sum of the parts,' many have gotten their health back.

So, irrespective of the mix of pathogens that your body is fighting, the protocol is a wonderful synergy of quality natural medicines to help us regain health. So, you are in the right place :-).

Take care,

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