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8:47:32 AM

Morgellons -

Hello Everybody!

Just wanted to share with all about my first experience with kosher meats. Mel has long said that buying kosher is probably even better than buying organic grass fed beef. I decided to give it a try and found a grocery store that sells kosher. I bought a three pound brisket and two small chuck roasts.

It wasn't cheap...$12.50 a pound for the brisket, but I do have to share that it was the best brisket I've ever had. The good part started even opening the package. I'm a bit ocd, so when I get any kind of meat, I'm always prepared with paper towels layered on a pan to drain the meat after I give it a good wash. However...there was no red liquid or smell...which was a pleasant surprise.

Mel shared with me that the standards for kosher are extremely strict...and now I get it!

I probably won't get these cuts very often because of the price, but I'd really rather wait to have a cut of beef for the occasional treat than to buy anything else substandard. They didn't have ground beef, but maybe when they do it won't be as expensive as the other.

So...if you're in the market for a good cut of beef of very high quality, you can't go wrong with kosher.



7:42:40 AM

Morgellons -

Reposted from .......10/31/2013

I would first like to say I’m feeling better than I was a few weeks ago. My aching painful body isn't so painful at the moment. I’m still getting scalp itching at odd times, but the ear isn't bothering me and I'm feeling more like normal. I’m seeing glitter regularly which gets me excited because it’s leaving, and the odd brain-fog has just lifted again.

In other news, the apartment I’m staying at also got infested with bedbugs quite badly. I had no idea as to the degree of the infestation until just recently. There was such a huge population I think it was causing anemia and not helping my immunity at all. This I feel lead to my unexplained health decline. Thankfully most of them are dead now!

It has been a huge challenge like nothing I have ever had to deal with before, so I want to say thank you to everyone who has posted something. I’m much appreciative of the support. I will try to talk about the past month or so in more detail later.

Now without further ado, an interesting story and a few interesting helpful ideas brought you by two crazy guys, but I owe it to one specifically (haha):

I was talking to Mel a week or two ago (now going on a month maybe) when he first told me about maybe switching to Kosher meat. I thought he was crazy (and still do). The conversation sat in the back of my mind, “Justin you should try Kosher meat!” The more I actually looked into it though,the more I realized there is something beneficial to eating kosher. I went from a complete skeptic to: “Hey if it is not kosher I’m not touching it!”

After digging a little, here are my feelings and why:

Jewish people have had the Kashrut laws in place for a few thousand years about how to butcher an animal and prepare the meat. This means basically they know what they are doing and they are very, very good at it! For devout Jews, it’s a must to keep kosher in their home and with their meat. The main tenant of having a kosher animal is that it will make for healthier meat and people. No blood must be consumed. This probably would help you be more healthy because a lot of diseases are blood born and can be transferred through the blood of animals to people.

Only healthy animals must be slaughtered. You are what you eat, and I want to be healthy! There is a theory that when you eat a sick or diseased animal it makes your body weakened in that state.

The kosher slaughtering process does not frighten the animal. A frightened animal produces a lot of stress hormones and adrenaline. These hormones stress your adrenal glands and put your body on edge when you consume meat from an animal killed in a modern factory operation. In a kosher slaughter house, utmost care is taken to to respect the animal and painlessly kill it.

No diseased animals are slaughtered and if a diseased animal is found, it is not deemed kosher. The animal's lungs are checked for any deformity as well as the entire body. All meat is drained of blood during the slaughtering process, followed by a salting process and further checks.
The care taken with kosher meat is not found in modern day meat processing plants. The people who produce the kosher meat do it for the benefit of their culture and society and religion.

A far cry from Mcdonald’s chicken nuggets and big meat packing plants. It just feels good to eat, and it generally tastes better. Its very hard to describe unless you try it but I think the quality is very nourishing which is good. I don’t completely understand it but I feel like it’s helping me! So I thought I would get the word out there and a big thank you to Mel for sharing his insanity with me. Now I share it with everyone else!

Another great aspect, kosher meat tends to be affordable and easy to find if you know where to look, so it might be a better cost effective alternative to more pricier organic meats. Look at Trader Joe's, local Kosher butchers etc..

Thank You ALL!

Much love to everyone,


Rockin Robin
10:41:47 AM

Morgellons -

Hello Everyone,

I did a little research on Kosher Meats and thought I would share.

First, what is the difference between Kosher meats and regular meats bought in the supermarket??

The main difference between kosher and non-kosher meats is the way in which animals are slaughtered. For food to be kosher, animals have to be killed individually by a specially trained Jew known as a shochet. The meat then has to be salted to draw out and remove any blood.

Jewish law prohibits the consumption of the lifeblood of an animal. All kosher meats and poultry must undergo a special process to remove it. After 60 minutes of salting, the meat is washed 3 times in cold clean water to remove any remaining salt. The result: clean fresh kosher meat!

Jewish people believe that God commands kosher laws. Moses taught these rules to Gods followers and wrote the basics of the laws in the Torah. By eating kosher foods, some Jewish people believe it helps them feel connected to God.

The processing of kosher meats has to be supervised by a certified Rabbi.

Quality standards are higher for kosher foods and kosher meats pass a strict inspection! That in itself is a huge benefit! We all know the horror stories about the filth and
E-coli that can be found in mass raising of animals for slaughter and in the antibiotics and hormones fed to these animals that we in turn eat. Not to mention the the filth that has been found in slaughter houses and processing plants here in America.

Kosher meats are thoroughly salted, making them less likely to carry E-coli.

All this, and I will only briefly say that the way animals have been slaughtered for consumption sometimes is inhumane and horrific!

In conclusion, kosher foods are highly beneficial for the consumer, because of the strict rules under which they are produced, and because of the close inspection and monitoring that certification requires. Vegetables and fruits are carefully monitored ensuring they do not contain any bugs, thereby ensuring the safety and healthiness of the products.

There are 3 categories of kosher foods: meats, dairy, and pareve.

All must meet strict requirements and inspections! Kosher foods have increased in popularity among many people of all races, religions, and cultures because the foods are healthier, safer, and produced without certain ingredients and additives.

These are the symbols used to recognize kosher foods: OU, Kof-K, OK, and Star-K. The letter P denotes Pareve, which means it contains neither meat nor dairy.

It is no wonder that Mel promotes Kosher meats. I found this research very interesting and highly beneficial !!!

Hope you did too!!!!

Love & Hugs,
Rockin Robin

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