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Rockin Robin

9:21:07 AM

Hello Everyone,

I did a little research on Kosher Meats and thought I would share.

First, what is the difference between Kosher meats and regular meats bought in the supermarket??

The main difference between kosher and non-kosher meats is the way in which animals are slaughtered. For food to be kosher, animals have to be killed individually by a specially trained Jew known as a shochet. The meat then has to be salted to draw out and remove any blood.

Jewish law prohibits the consumption of the lifeblood of an animal. All kosher meats and poultry must undergo a special process to remove it. After 60 minutes of salting, the meat is washed 3 times in cold clean water to remove any remaining salt. The result: clean fresh kosher meat!

Jewish people believe that God commands kosher laws. Moses taught these rules to Gods followers and wrote the basics of the laws in the Torah. By eating kosher foods, some Jewish people believe it helps them feel connected to God.

The processing of kosher meats has to be supervised by a certified Rabbi.

Quality standards are higher for kosher foods and kosher meats pass a strict inspection! That in itself is a huge benefit! We all know the horror stories about the filth and
E-coli that can be found in mass raising of animals for slaughter and in the antibiotics and hormones fed to these animals that we in turn eat. Not to mention the the filth that has been found in slaughter houses and processing plants here in America.

Kosher meats are thoroughly salted, making them less likely to carry E-coli.

All this, and I will only briefly say that the way animals have been slaughtered for consumption sometimes is inhumane and horrific!

In conclusion, kosher foods are highly beneficial for the consumer, because of the strict rules under which they are produced, and because of the close inspection and monitoring that certification requires. Vegetables and fruits are carefully monitored ensuring they do not contain any bugs, thereby ensuring the safety and healthiness of the products.

There are 3 categories of kosher foods: meats, dairy, and pareve.

All must meet strict requirements and inspections! Kosher foods have increased in popularity among many people of all races, religions, and cultures because the foods are healthier, safer, and produced without certain ingredients and additives.

These are the symbols used to recognize kosher foods: OU, Kof-K, OK, and Star-K. The letter P denotes Pareve, which means it contains neither meat nor dairy.

It is no wonder that Mel promotes Kosher meats. I found this research very interesting and highly beneficial !!!

Hope you did too!!!!

Love & Hugs,
Rockin Robin
justin / mel

11:26:24 AM

Hello Everyone and Welcome,

I recently sent birthday wishes to a young man, whom I once helped restore his health.

Here is the dialog and responses, oh yes the picture was his card.
Mel Friedman


I now sing your song to a doggie in Scotland name holly.

Thank You Mel


I'm glad my song lives on and yea I have allot Scottish ancestry on both sides of the family. I will never forget the over night package of the knockwurst for completing my homework assignment, we named, "Mad Mel and his kosher meat".

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