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Rockin Robin

9:52:34 AM

Hi Everyone,

I would like to make a correction to my post about Sat.'s conference call.

With our new company for the WPS, Crystal Pure H2O, we get CHEAPER shipping not free shipping. It is cheaper than what we have been paying with the old company. But, my memory was faulty and i thought (later) it had said free.

Regardless, the difference in price and cheaper shipping still gives us a fantastic discount !!

Just wanted to correct my mistake so you all know what the deal and savings are!!

God bless you all !!
Love & Hugs,
Rockin Robin

10:35:32 AM
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Hello you all,

Great call! Welcome to all the new people!1

We will help you all we can, we all have been where you are and understand.

I have been dealing it all for 6 years and until God led me to Mel.

I had really been given so bad advice and just about lost everything in my house and my dog!

I am so much better and not afraid anymore. Mel will guide you, he will always find the answers for you!

Just listen and read most important follow the diet!!! I thought I would never find great recipes but I have but everyone is different so take it slow to start! Didn’t think my husband would ever eat the food! But now he shops for it and really likes most of it.

If you ever need to talk Mel can give you my phone# or text me. Everyone here are wonderful people!

Love in Christ

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