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Managing the Toxic Load

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10:47:21 AM

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Thanks for the compliment Lola!

I understand you are doing really well your single food approach is obviously working well for you.

I've stocked my kitchen with single ingredients, but I still like to cook and put those ingredients together in ways to make tasty dishes.
It's definitely stretched me creatively, but I'm enjoying it so far.

Congratulations on your success!



10:07:35 AM

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Hi Karen,

This post is brilliant! I also use single ingredient foods. I didn’t read it anywhere, I was just too sick to cook lots of sauces and complex meals and got accustomed to simplicity. We now eat a lot of broccoli, cauliflower, salad and protein such as steak, pork chops, chicken breasts and short ribs. We also do eat fish. It’s so easy on your body to digest and leaves more energy to healing and less to digesting a complex diet.

I heard you are doing well! That’s fantastic! I’m happy for you girl!

Love and light,

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