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3:31:31 PM

I am over the moon happy for you.

We have been there for each other during this difficult journey.
I thank you for all of your support.

We are now doing our "Happy Dance," just weeks apart.


Your Friend Warrior,

8:28:19 PM

Hi Maria

I'm thrilled for you. Wow. Almost 100% is so wonderful. You've been working really hard. You have very good advice for some of us who are still trudging along.
I feel like my digestive issues have hindered me a lot but much better than I was. I really want to order the Nitro supplement. I also watch Frazier reruns. New Girl is really funny too and I've been watching a lot of comedy movies.

Its wonderful that your family is so supportive. I cant tell mine but I am grateful for this community. Mel is always there through thick and thin.

Thank you very much for your post of encouragement and wonderful news.

God Bless You Maria.
Love, Linda

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