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8:34:58 AM

Morgellons - Soon To Be 15 Years, Click The Picture To Help!
Soon To Be 15 Years, Click The Picture To Help!

Hello Everyone!

I just wanna take a moment to thank me HCAF as it continues to do so much, not just in my life, but for the others that are impacted and others who are recipients as well.

I wanted to reach out to everyone as we are all moving forward into another year already, I can’t believe it! Looking back this last one it has gone so quickly, and as always with continued newbies coming in I can’t keep track, which is a good thing!

It would be an accomplishment of the HCAF to continue to give to those in need and to add more individuals who are seeking help that desperately need it. Unfortunately, that’s not always an option, but it can be possible!

So, I want to put a kind invitation out to everyone to give, even if it’s a small amount, it can all play a very important role for someone’s healing. Maybe you are considering making that year end tax deductible gift and are unsure, know that the HCAF is a 501c3, nonprofit, which makes it a perfect option to choose!

If you’re unsure about it, I would gladly encourage you to go back and read the testimonies of those who have gotten better or maybe just to listen to a Saturday call. This can give you a great understanding why this foundation is so important and why it truly needs to have people like you give!!

Again, I can tell you all the amazing ways that it works, but the proof is in the pudding, (sugar free of course) so read others stories. Listen to their journey on some of the calls! Then it will definitely have a better perspective on the importance of giving!

So if you’ve already given, we thank you so much and if you haven’t done so yet, please consider. Once you have given, we would love to hear from you!! Just join in the camaraderie and let people know, you don’t need to share how much, but it’s great to know that others are involved and hopefully that will tug at someone else’s heart to do the same.

Thank you again so much. May your Christmas be full of God‘s presence reminding you that there is hope, that you are loved and the most important gift gift given to us in this life is Jesus!!

Thank you so much and have a Merry Christmas!

8:26:54 AM


Dear All,

The, 'He Cures All Foundation, ' is the wonderful brainchild of Mel. He set it up many years ago to help sufferers of Morgellons throughout the world. Through the HCAF many, many people have been helped to get their Logos Protocol, who could not otherwise afford it. This is a huge, huge game changer in people's health and in their lives!!!

I for one had suffered horrendously for six and a half years with this disease. Then I got a call from Mel in America!!! I thought I was dreaming! I thought it not possible that I could be helped!! But because of the Grace of God and the wonderful people who donate to the HCAF, and Mel too, I was and am helped!!!!

It isn't just people in America who are helped as I am in Scotland!! People in other countries like Australia, Canada, England, New Zealand have also been helped.

I doubt I'd be here now if It wasn't for the help I receive. I was almost broken completely as I had battled severe disease for so long. And I had other severe health issues too. I was alone, struggling, frightened and just had no quality of life for years. Many who have been helped by the HCAF have been sick for a long time and really, really struggling.

It's miraculous that we all have been helped:-). The gift of health is the best gift you could ever give a person!!!!

Mel donates himself, the manufacturers donate too, as do other community members past and present (who know what it's like to be so very sick). Each cent or penny sent is a blessing to the utterly grateful recipients of this charity!! We thank every single person who helps us, from the bottom of our hearts.

In turn, recipients of the Foundation contribute a donation monthly and do their best to pay it forward. We do that by becoming helpful members of the community. It's soo important that we all work together in this. And that we care about each other and learn from each other. And that people feel supported and heard and understood and helped.

No donation is too small. And every donation is a wonderful gift to those that truly need the help.

Thank you all!! And if you are thinking of donating, please do. It is amazing that such a charity exists to help with such a devastating illness. With the medicines, people can then go on to restore their health and get their lives back.

God Bless Everyone who helps us all,


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