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12:47:59 PM

Morgellons -

Hello, girl!

I miss you tons!

When are you coming back?

I know you are super busy on the house selling and purchasing front, but I—and many others—really miss you!

Please come back soon!

Love you!


12:47:59 PM

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Hi Everybody,

Yep..."Mel-o-riffic"...that's what I call Mel.

And's a term of endearment...but not altogether.

Mel is amazing in so many ways...and the indisputable way is that he is

Without fail.

He created this community to help...and at the end of the day every day...that's his purest intent.

At one point, Mel had suggested that I might like to coach. I told him NO WAY. If even had to do what he does for 24 hours, he'd have to rush to the drug store and buy a super sized bottle of anti-depressants and then wait about two years for me to come out of my room.

No idea on this earth how he does it day in and day out.

But he does.

And he does it because he believes it's the right thing to do.

And it is...thank God.

Mel runs this whole operation on a frayed shoe string. He can squeeze a penny until Lincoln screams and he can do without more than anyone I know. This alone would scare me to death...I couldn't live this way...but this doesn't rattle him too much. If he gets close to running short, he just holds tight and somehow things seem to work out. Financial hardship on a personal level doesn't stress him like it would for anyone else...but...

Oh Lord...can he ever get stressed over thinking the Foundation is running short. That scares him...he NEVER wants to let anyone down. He cares so much...and he's sustained that level of caring for years upon years.

When Mel get's stressed, he goes into major Mel-isms. Then he becomes "Mel-o-riffic" on steroids and not in a good way. He can be ornery when he's in a good mood, but he can be ultra horrible to deal with if he gets worried about one of our community members or the foundation funding. I've often told him he is truculent and incorrigible and that his behavior is sometimes even egregious. Not fit company for anyone.

It is a rare person who has never seen the backlash of this side of Mel's personality. It is not fun...but...hey...who said this guy had to be perfect? I mean really...he is not a funded program from some entity with deep pockets. He doesn't have an office with a team of paid staff. He is just a guy who is trying to help. We get the benefit of getting well if we follow his road map...and that's...well...that's EVERYTHING.

If he gets stressed out and even sometimes when he's not, we get to see the not fun stuff...impatient...doesn't listen...interrupts...butts in...and uses his supreme talent for saying the absolute wrong thing at the wrong time...well's really kind of understandable. I'm not saying it's ok...because Mel can tell you...I get furious with him for talking roughly to people...and to me. He sure gets to hear about it and I let him know I am NOT HAPPY.

But then I think about how he sits in his apartment day in and day out filtering all this stress and trying to do good. His heart is 100% sweet...but his mouth is sometimes the polar opposite. I don't know how he hasn't gone crazy...but he keeps coming back again and again.

Ok...with that being said...Mel has been on a major Mel-ism bender for the last couple of weeks. I'm just going to go ahead and say it...this is because he lost a foundation donor right after he put someone else on the foundation. He doesn't panic for himself...but he does panic if he thinks he can't cover what he's promised someone who's sick.

I've told him to expect some money from me toward the end of the month when I'm able to do so. He didn't ask me to write this, and I'm not even sure he'll publish this considering how hard I slammed him in this post, but I hope he does.

I'm throwing in some money to the foundation, and I'm reaching out to all of you to do the same. Please donate to the foundation. It'll be a blessing to the receivers and to the givers as well. We all suffer indescribably with this disease...but those who can't afford the protocol suffer even more.

We're all in this together...let's reach out and help our fellow community members. It should never have to be a choice of who gets the help and who doesn't. That's not how it works. It works when we all reach out to help one another. This is the most loving community I've ever been a part of. Let's show our love through helping our dear friends.

You'll feel so good when you do.



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