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9:55:55 AM

Thank you Cheryl for starting this thread.

So many of us want to help Mel out, to make his move to a new home possible, like we all say where would we be now, if we hadn't found Mel, I for one know that Mel was my lifeline literary he stopped me from throwing in the towel and I will be forever grateful to Mel ...life is really good now :)

I popped in to see Mel and to have a look at his new forever apartment that he is hoping to move to next month, it is just what he needs, all the facilities are so much closer for him and there isn't any stairs to climb, what a bonus!

If we could all just donate any amount we can afford, no amount would be too small, every little will help his move go so much smoother.

Today I am very happy as I have just completed two weeks work after being without work for nearly 4 months so I was able to say thank you to Mel for all of his support, by making a donation towards his move.

Mel seems very upbeat about his move and looked really well, amazing considering it was 5am when I called on him and it was his day off, he says he has days off but I think he is still working behind the scenes...who else would be up at that hour! Maybe that is what keeps him so young in mind and body along with the protocol, I joked saying that if he gets any younger looking he'll find himself in diapers if he's not careful!

Thank you

Freddie x


3:51:28 AM

Hello Mel.

Without a doubt, moving has to be one of the most stressful and unpleasant tasks that life sometimes requires.

I will be happy to make a donation on behalf of Autumn Leaves community ambassadors.

I'm certain God will call other ambassadors to come along side you and we pray that all will go smoothly.


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