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5:42:17 PM
I'll help them move, I"ve had plenty of practice!

Dear Brenda,

Thank you so much for taking the time to write to me and for your kind and thoughtful post!! :-).

Your words that,"whatever we resist persists," really resonated with me. I agree with that sentiment very much.

Of course there are so many things that are extremely difficult to accept, Morgellons being one of the most difficult. But I also think many of us suffer from trauma regards infestations. Therefore, dealing with other infestations in our homes, or around them is very difficult. I guess, as we are already fighting infestation in our bodies.

I like how this wise lady who lives in Scotland has learned how to work with nature and communicate with it.

It certainly is worth a try for me to send messages to the millipedes that could they please move on and start a life elsewhere. Of course not affecting other people.

Also, I do need to learn to handle it better. I do find them disgusting. But I'm hoping to work on tolerating this better. But that takes time. It's all been a shock!!!

And I think regards Morgellons there is a steep learning curve for us all when we get sick. This community helps us all to learn how to manage that much better too.

Sadly, to stop myself being over run I do need to put diatomaceous earth down, so it truly would be in their best interests to move on. It would be great if they would because I really don't like having to kill things. But I have had no choice with how bad it has been.

It got so bad the last few days I thought I would have to leave.

Alas, I have decided to stay and am hopeful to get past it, or at the very least learn to cope with it better. Problem is pest control say we can't eradicate it and it's likely to happen when it's warm weather.

The thought of fighting it every year is extremely disheartening.

So yes, I will pray and also ask them to move on.

Thanks again Brenda,

I'm delighted you're on the HCAF and it's great to hear you on the calls,
Rockin Robin

12:01:03 PM

Dear Brenda,

Your post to Chrissie, WOW, WOW, WOW, Wonderful !!!!! Keep posting my wonderful friend!!!

Rockin Robin

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