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6:30:20 AM

Morgellons -


This is a wonderful post. "Thank you!"

7:48:19 AM

Morgellons -

Dear Nancy,

Oh yes I think we all get brain fog with Morgellons and Lyme Disease absolutely. It can be a hard one right enough! Especially when we find ourselves in the middle of doing something then we don't remember what we were doing!

Thank Goodness it absolutely improves on the Protocol! But sometimes we have to have a sense of humour about it all and laugh it off. Or just be gentle on ourselves. Same goes when we are very tired, Rome was not built in a day and we just have to pace ourselves.

It's nice you live in the country. I'm sure you and your husband would miss that if you moved away. And your dogs absolutely would miss it too.

Take care,

6:30:20 AM

Morgellons -

Hello everyone

Does anyone else have trouble with their mind? Some days I don’t think I even have one!

I am feeling so much better with everything except my head it is better but some days I can’t think straight, then I remind myself about all the things Mel tells me that it won’t happen overnight! But just want to say hello and remind us God is in charge no matter what!

Just thankful for everything and everyone that comes to our calls, I miss the ones that have been who have not been with us lately, some got well and other's are just very busy.

Mel is so good at staying on top of things and that really gives me a peaceful feeling.

I Wish I could move also been living here over 30 years I think a change would be good. But have to think about my husband it is quiet and peaceful here and our dogs love it in the country.

We will get through everything and everyone of you will too.

I just stop and think how wonderful Heaven will be and how beautiful and peaceful it will be!
Do you ever think about that? At my age so many of my family have gone on before me, Mel’s also, but we will all have a grand reunion one day that helps me to feel better just thinking about it!
We have to stay positive to overcome whatever this is and I know we will!

The best day of the year is coming, the day Jesus arose!