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Miss call

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9:17:57 AM

Morgellons - Is that you Mel, Gee thanks alot Nancy
Is that you Mel, Gee thanks alot Nancy

Hello Nancy & Everyone,

No Worries we are going to redo that call on March 25th.

To say that last weeks Coffee, Tea with Me conference call entitled "Progress" was absolutely fabulous would be an understatement considering that we had many of my coaching clients on the call discussing the benefits of coaching and their progress as well as three or four special guests representing our manufacturers.

Sometime in the early stages of the call, maybe ten or fifteen minutes in, there was a minor power outage over at free conference calling which shut off our recording. Then about 30 minutes later everything went dead, everybody disappeared and my phone also went blank. Free Conference Calling had power outage so we were offline for about 15 or so minutes when the power came back on. Since it had never happened before I didn't think to start the conference call recording again, so we went another 20 or so minutes and got a few more people in there but no recording. Ugh.

Such a great call and no recording, so I slept on it and came up with an idea. Everyone I have spoken too so far said they'd be willing to do the call again but I didn't want to put too much pressure on people by asking them to come back the very next Saturday.

So here's how it goes; on March11th. we are going to have a Jump Into Spring with the Women's Warrior Weekend conference call featuring three of our all-time favorites, who are all better and covering I guess about the last eight or nine years. We're going to have Aunt Laura, Kelly from Massachusetts and also joining us will be none other than Ellen of Troy. Now that's on 11 March and then on the 25th we are going to re-do the "Progress" call. So be there be square!

So I'll see you all on Saturday, March 11, and don't forget the best two hours of the week, Sunday's Prayer and Fellowship and if you're serious about getting well you might consider joining us for Sunday's Prayer and Fellowship, where long term friendships are made and people help each other go through the process of restoring their health.

God bless you all,

9:17:57 AM

Morgellons - Was that you Nancy?
Was that you Nancy?

Hello all,

I Hate I missed Sunday’s call but was asleep!

Oh Boy tripping and falling on my butt has me so sore I don’t want to move. Hope it goes away soon!

Just resting and sleeping at 75 these bones need to rest! Enjoyed Saturday call.

So glad everyone is getting better!
Missed the ones that wasn’t there.

God Bless!

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