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Mother of donut lady: My progress on Mel's Protocol

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8:30:39 AM

Morgellons -

Hello Norma ,
I hope your doing well today , I love your
Post , and I definitely agree with you ,
It is the most challenging thing I have ever
Encountered , hands down , but there are
Some good things that have come out of
This so far , its very difficult to find any good
Things in the midst of dealing with this
Disease , but it has taught me e to be aware
Of how the food and it's ingredients can
Affect my health for the good or the bad ,
And I'm thankful for finally seeing this and
Learning to change how I care for my body..
I'm so happy you have wonderful friends
That stand by you and truly care about your
Well being and how they support you in your
Difficult journey to recover your health , that
Just means so much , doesn't it Norma .
It's truly difficult to count on anyone in this
Disease because your just not yourself and
The struggle is tremendous to say the least.
I hope myself to recover the joy of living that
I once had so much of , and I hope for you
Norma and all who suffer from this , a full ,
Sooner than later recovery not only physically
But mentally and emotionally as well !
This disease effects every aspect of your
Life as all of us know only to well . It's
Wonderful when there's genuine caring , real
People to come alongside you and help the
Best they can , just the support means so
Much .
God Bless you on your journey , thank you
For sharing and offering hope to others , it's
Truly priceless .. love reading your posts and
Hearing about your progress , and your challenges ..

Take Care

8:36:40 AM

Morgellons - Great Job Norma, Slow & Steady, Keep On Keeping On
Great Job Norma, Slow & Steady, Keep On Keeping On

Dear Norma,

Well done you at that function!! So glad you stuck to your guns and enjoyed the chicken salad with your own dressing and some nice berries. It isn't easy when out and about, but you did it. Be proud :-).

Also be proud that you have been on the protocol for seven months now and are doing well!! Yes it isn't easy to stick to the, 'sum of the parts,' but it gets easier I think, the longer someone is navigating it.

That's good you can have a few berries and your body is good with that, in moderation. At home you could wash the berries and freeze into small portions. Then take out one portion and add the juice of one lemon and some pure plant Stevia for sweetness and cook on the hob. Well it will mash down into your very own fruit compote!! It's absolutely delicious with raspberries, strawberries or blueberries. Then you could mix it into a sugar free, coconut yogurt and you have your own delicious desert!!

I love this compote and in this way you can make your own healthy desert, just when you want it. And because we cannot eat a lot of fruit at one time, freezing it into ready made portions means no waste at all. It's a win, win situation:-).

"Keep on keeping on," as Mel says!! And finding new ways to enjoy your food!

God Bless,

9:04:49 AM

Morgellons -

Hello all.

Norma,Great post!
So glad you stuck to your plan! I am sure you felt good when you got home! Sometimes it is hard for other people to understand.

I have been on the protocol for a little over a year and so thankful I feel so much better!

I don’t even feel like I am 76! It is so good that you are improving.

God bless you and keep up the good work

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