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Donna M

9:09:37 AM

Hi Marie,

Thank you so much for the response. I do have a flat lawn but the cuttings are blown back into the yard as you mow.

My husband told me to just wait until he returned home from work. I will probably have to do so as the rain has not stopped enough to let the yard dry enough to mow since last week.

However, if the situation arises again, I think I will try to mow taking precautions such as using citronella or cedar oil on my skin and a mask. Wearing long sleeves sounds like a good idea but with temperatures getting in the upper 90's, I am afraid of getting too hot and making matters worse.

God Bless,


6:13:07 PM

Dear Donna M,

If it is a flat lawn and you are comfortable with using a ride on mower then go ahead.The grass is surely collected in a box so won,t fly up?

If it is a lawn with steep banks then don,t do it.(you might fall off).

I cut the long, seeding grass today with long shears without fear of insects or ticks and there are deer that come into the garden and lots of flying insects.

Wear a long sleeved shirt and dab citronella oil on your wrists and a mask if you wish.
Nothing can harm you.

The protocol you are taking will prevent further insect bites surely.?

Is it just the fear that is holding you back.?

The cut grass won,t hurt you unless you are allergic to it or to pollen's

Enjoy it.

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