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3:29:23 PM
A wee bit swim in the channel hey

Hi Annie,

Since the skin is out biggest organ it absorbs many of the chemicals we come into contact with. So when we swim in a chlorinated pool the skin absorbs the chlorine allowing it to be taken up and stored in the thyroid.

The higher the concentration of chlorine in the body, the lower the Iodine levels are and the more likely it is that thyroid function is negatively impacted.

A saltwater pool would be best. Alas with our freezing cold weather in the UK, a lot of the time this would not be an option. Though Morgellons disease absolutely hates the cold but hey you don't want to get pneumonia trying that one out!! :-).

So, it would be best to limit time spent in chlorinated pools if possible. Also, find out on what day the pool is treated and go when the chlorine levels are lowest. Always shower afterwards.

As well as limiting chlorine exposure, make sure you maintain sufficient levels of Iodine in your body. Sea vegetables and saltwater fish are both naturally rich in Iodine. Again I'd speak to John B at Logos Nutritionals regards this. He will have much more information and advice than myself.

You asked, 'what is a safe water sanitizer to use?' Mel asked me to ask you did you put this question in here because you are afraid of WPS? Mel suggests that you go to, 'Hope and Inspiration,' on the website and look up the story of Buttons the dog. Also, watch the excellent video on there re Andreas Kalcker and MMS.

Any concerns or questions re WPS the best person to speak to is Mel. He has had many years of experience dealing with Wps himself and with others.

Best wishes,

3:24:44 PM

Hi Annie,

Im very happy that you now know what is wrong. Knowledge is power and you can now begin healing your bioterrain.

It is so good that you are gaining lots of information on this site and it is coming together for you .

Yes, Annie no wonder you got this as you were so rundown beforehand. As well as taking the protocol and adhering to the, 'sum of the parts,' it would be worth you talking to John B at Logos Nutritionals by email or Skype call . He may have tailored advice for you about your other health conditions. He is very friendly and knowledgeable!

I think that many of us have multiple chemical sensitivity and allegies. I'm sorry you were exposed to chemicals/allergens in your job. In time the Logos protocol with its wonderful synergy of herbs, vitamins, nutrients, enzymes, probiotics, immune boosters, pathogen fighters etc etc, should help solve your immune dysfunction.

It's great you are no longer tortured by this disease and have already began your healing journey.

Yes, you are not alone anymore. For many years I too was alone in it, so I totally understand how you feel. It makes a HUGE difference being part of this community. The support, knowledge, help, advice, laughter and camaraderie help the immune system immensely!!! It is of vital importance to not be isolated, to feel connected and be understood.

Battling this disease alone can encourage introspection, analysis, inward thinking and often despair. However, being part of this group does indeed help us to have hope for a future where we have our health and lives back. It gives us armbands if you like, to swim the often treacherous waters. Until the day, when we finally swim to safe shores and we are healed :-).

Its good to hear that you destroyed the photographs of your lesions, you definetely have the right idea Annie!

Yes, this is a devastating illness. It has taken us all to the depths of despair and back. Sometimes multiple times!! But.... we have all survived and found ourselves here. We are indeed the lucky, blessed ones to have the medicines and this support!

Im glad you are getting better bit by bit. Once you join us with the protocol and, 'sum of the parts,' your healing will go from strength to strength :-).

Best wishes,

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