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Rockin Robin

9:02:04 PM

Dear Chrissie,

The dream story about you and Ossian, beautiful !!
I could see and feel it, you have a wonderful way with words!!
This was so beautiful !!

You are still close to the ocean, right? I thought that you may have said there is a little town and harbor close by.? Do they see seals? With a bicycle you could go there and maybe see seals.??

I know you miss her and we truly miss hearing about your encounters with her. I could always feel God and love in your encounters with her and a wonderful joy and peace! You write so well !!

We love hearing your stories!! This was so wonderful!! Thank you for sharing it!

Hugs Girlfriend,
Rockin Robin

5:05:02 PM

Dear All,

I still miss my dear friend Ossian the seal and think about her a lot. She is 160 miles away now, so I have to send her love from afar.

Here is a little fantasy story I wrote regards dear Ossian and me.......

"OSSIAN!!! OSSIAN!!!!," I shouted with all my might! And my dear Seal girl with her gigantic liquid brown eyes all soulful and shining starry bright appeared!!

She was amidst the glittering grey blue sea. She swam and sipped and dived and came to the harbour edge. Her nostrils opened wide, flaring as she inhaled the salty air around her. Her cry was a gutteral, grounded cry of, "Hello my friend!!!" in seal language.

I told her I loved her and missed her. I told of joy and happiness when near her. I said I spent my nights dreaming lucidly of what she sees under the ocean blue.

Just then............ a miniature whirling tornado came towards me!!!! With one fail SWOOP I was lifted up and knocked right into the sea.

At first I screamed and wailed and kicked in the water,panicked and stricken. But oh sooo slowly and gently Ossian put out her grey blue flipper and guided my hand to hold onto her. Ossian smiled at me, her whiskers glistening with water and delight!!
And WOOSH we dived down, down, down,deep past the green seaweed and fishes darting. Down, down, down we went, past the rocks and crabs and lobsters!!

We were surrounded by swirling rushes of bubbling water!!

I found, to my utter amazement, that I could breathe with ease underneath the water. I could dip and dive and flip and swim!!

As long as I held onto dear Ossians flipper, she was enabling me to be in her universe.

My dream world was fast becoming my reality!!


And now I could blend with the ocean,see what Ossian sees and be truly part of her world .

The end :-)

Love to Ossian the seal,

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