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3:12:55 PM

Dear Ruth Ann,

Thank you for your post re Ossian :-). Yes I love her dearly and she has the most gorgeous, expressive face. And those big eyes, well they melted my heart every single time!!!! I miss her very much.

It's great to connect with a wild creature. And the fact that we had a relationship and she would swim to me when called and talk to me, it was amazing!!!!! :-)

The snow has gone for now at least!!! Thank goodness as it was causing Holly's paws to seize up. And it was sooo cold. How is the snow there?

I hope you are doing well Ruth Ann!! Its always nice to hear you on the calls and your prayers are always lovely.

So good you connected with Tea too, that's great!!

Stay warm and take care!,
Love Chrissie.
Ruth Ann

9:49:03 AM


After seeing the pictures of your friend the seal I understand why you love her.

She has something in those big eyes that draws you right in.

I have never seen a seal except in pictures.

Enjoy the memories and hopefully you will get pictures of the babies when they come.

By the way how much snow do you have?

I talked to Tea this pm for a while. We have a lot in common and I very much enjoyed our long conversation.

Love Ruth Ann

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