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11:02:10 PM

First, let me start by thanking everyone for your prayers as I greatly appreciate it from the deepest part of my heart! Y’all mean the world to me!!!

We all are in need of prayers with unexpected trials, heartache and some major challenges, so I ask that everyone continue pray for one another and please attend this Sunday’s Prayer call. The people on the call the more power of prayer we find!!!

Most importantly with the recent loss in Ruth Ann’s family please lift her and her children up to find peace and to remember the love Our God has for them, and that He will walk carrying her every step of the way.

My love to all of you.
Rockin Robin

3:49:35 PM

Greetings Everyone,

I am asking for special prayers for our dear Ruth Ann and her family. Ruth Ann recently lost her husband and we all know how hard and life-changing that can be. Please remember her and her family at this time and say a prayer for them.

Our prayers as Christians avail much and in this way we can send the Holy Spirit to encompass her and her family with love, understanding and peace.

We love you Ruth Ann and you are in our thoughts and prayers!! We are here if you need us in any way!

Thank You everyone!

Love & Hugs,
Rockin Robin

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