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Karen (the Librarian)

8:52:29 PM


Hey friends, there are only 11 entries! We need more!! We don't want this to be a dead giveaway! Let's get our friendly competitive spirit going and participate!!

This is the largest prize give away in the history of the contests. Mel and I decided we must have 22 submissions before we have the Conference Call to decide the winners! So, the deadline is this Thursday. But if there aren't 22 - you all have ONE MORE Week!

First Prize: Informational/Instructional.
One Basic Protocol + one Morgellon's Extension Kit + two bottles of MSM. This prize is valued at over $250.

Second Prize: Musical.
One Morgellon's Extension Kit + one bottle of MSM. Valued at over $120.

Third Prize: Humorous/Comical.
Thymic, Liver CS Plus, UbinolCoQ10, B12, and 2 bottles of MSM. Valued at over $125

Fourth Prize: Artistic/Creative.
UbinolCQ10, Monolauren, Liver CS Plus, D3, two bottles of MSM + Nitro Complex ( to add some zip and get up and go to your life). Valued at over $125.

So, everybody, let's get on board and submit something clever and meaningful about the SUM OF THE PARTS!

If there aren't enough entries, Mel and I will abscond (as in disappear into the far blue yonder) with the goods!

Looking forward to amazing entries very soon!!!!
Karianne & Joe

10:38:20 AM

Hey Mel Man!

Below is our ‘ode to Morgellons’ YouTube video Karianne and I created for the contest. I think you and the community will enjoy :)

Talk soon buddy

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