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New here, Lyme+MD

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Rockin Robin
8:22:20 AM

Morgellons -

Dear Micaela,

I am so glad You have found Mel & the website and this loving community. I found it when I felt no hope! I feel God led me here and it has truly been a blessing.

Read, Read, Read and attend the free conference calls every weekend. Get coaching from Mel and trust me, in 6 months you won't believe how much better you will be!!

Also, we are all here if you need us. You can post and ask questions and usually several people will answer. Different things work for different people, but we have all been where you are and we can contribute and tell you some things that have worked for us.

You have support here and we truly care about each member! WE also like to share and have fun as you will see!

So...WELCOME sister!! You will be in my prayers!!

Love & Hugs,
Your Sis In Christ
Philippians 4:1

7:33:02 AM


Hey everyone,

I am sorry I only now figured out how to find my post here, there wasn't and easy way to do this, so I ended up searching my name in the search engine, I guess I also assumed I would get an email notifying me if anyone responded, my bad.

Thank you all for your responses.

** CHRISSIE: I did not use MMS, I am very careful with anything I do if I am not doing it under a LLMD because I know I can cause more harm than good.

Indeed it does sound like Morgellons, but apparently I have blood flukes (Schistosoma parasite) and some sort of fungal infection that produces hyphae very similar looking to Morgellons, I do not know, maybe I also have Morgellons, or simply Morgellons is a combination of parasites, fungus, and who knows what else? I am very confused at this point.

** MEL: I am sorry about the conference, like I mentioned before I could not figure out how to find my post or answers, I will send you an email, thank you very much.

** MILES: I am lucky my test was positive, but this came after 4 years of having extreme fatigue where I would sleep for 3 days non stop (which doctors misdiagnosed as depression) and also severe mental fog, memory loss and practically impossible to focus (this was misdiagnosed as ADHD) It was not associated with lyme since at this point I did not know I had lyme.
You're right, testing sucks, but so do a lot of doctors, because I was living in NYS where lyme is very common, I had all the symptoms, all my other tests kept coming back normal, yet non of the many doctors I saw even considered ordering a simple lyme blood test.

** JOHN: I have the Buhner's herbs that will last me for a while, do you recommend any of the products to add to my protocol?

Thank you all so much!

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