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10:30:41 AM

Hi Everyone,
I decided to journal in this thread as it may help me get through this battle.

I received a few scary diagnosis’s today; Ebstein Bar Virus, mycoplasma Pneumonia, Mold Toxicity and thickening of the blood due to an extra protein. Basically my red blood cells and hemoglobin are not working in conjunction properly which is why I have thick blood and poor circulation. Now I know why I am always cold. I also have had a hard time breathing and now we know the causes of that as well. There are other scary things that can happen due to thickening of blood but I’ll spare you the gory details. I also likely have Lyme disease but tests came back normal. My doctor explained why and it made sense.
The good new is that my doctor is pretty versed in M and even discussed glitter which she brought up. She had glitter from another patient sent to a lab in Boston and they grew it in a petrie dish and she thinks it may have something to do with a fungus. I have lots of glitter and have been telling my husband and he has dismissed it. She made me feel better when she asked me if I had glitter. He heard it from her as well which helps with some of the dismissive comments. He has been my rock however I cannot share all of the sci-fi parts of this disease with him. He just doesn’t believe it.

We are also dealing with a leak in our house which insurance won’t cover and both of his parents are in the hospital with heart issues. I can’t help but think that they may have M as well and that is causing their issues. Insert sad face here.

I am on the basic protocol which has been good. I am feeling a little better however, I am losing my hair everyday, I’ve lost 25lbs in two months. I have severe insomnia and chronic fatigue to the highest degree. I have to start traveling for work again soon and it frightens me. I will have to power through it. Bills must be paid. On a positive note, I walked 2 miles yesterday and today have been couch ridden. I will do as much as my body will let me.

My daughter is in her third year of Veterinarian School and will receive her white coat in March. I want to be there to witness it and will be working hard to get well enough to be there in person. If not I will have to FaceTime. I am so very proud of her.

Mel has been wonderful and I am using my unlimited coaching to ensure I am on the right track. He is a saint for sure.

I fumigated my cars with WPS today and will do my closets next. My puppies have been put on WPS and Sovereign Silver. They seem to be handling the this protocol so far. One of my puppies weights 6lbs so it’s a challenge to medicate her but of course she is so strong and is the most tenacious puppy around. She has been know to chase Rottweilers who are misbehaving at the dog park. We do not take the dogs to parks or around others anymore but they do enjoy walks around the neighborhood.

My husband is leaving on Sunday to go care for his parents so I am losing my rock and will be alone. I wish I could have wine. That always helped me sleep. The diet is going well and I have been over simplifying cooking due to my low strength. I cook a protein, broccoli and quinoa and usually have a salad as well.

My hair has been the biggest challenge. I have crawling most of the day without a break. I use the cold water treatment in the morning but it only lasts a few hours. I am trying to figure out if the crawling is purging or something else. Who knows. This disease is so mind boggling and scary.

I will continue the protocol and pray for some healing. I am looking forward to adding WPS so I can purge the crap out of my body. Better out than in!

Peace, Love and Light,

10:23:47 AM

Hi Robin,
Thank you so much for your help! I truly appreciate you!

I am beginning my 3rd week so I have a long time to go. I understand it’s a marathon not a sprint :)


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