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4:20:36 PM

Hello Everyone!

I hope all is well and your finding creative ways to stay busy.

Please remember in these trying times that your heart is bigger to love more and that your soul strong enough to keep pushing through what seems so uncertain, to stay in prayer.

We are stronger than we give ourselves credit, so be courageous. Stay positive, stay busy and please keep praying hard! When negativity sneaks into your mind, only focus on the good and speak positive thoughts.

Remember that we can control our thoughts and our emotions. I know there’s a lot going on in this world but we will all get through this, we will grow stronger and we will be better!

Newbies keep pressing through this, as this to will pass and you can do it! Always pray and pray big!!!
Stay safe and help others when possible!

5:32:00 PM

I hope this post is finding y’all doing well. I just wanted to send out a big Hello to all the Newbies and to remind you that you’re in the right place!

There is so much information available for you on this site, so Hang in there!! Stay focused on your healing and do whatever you can to not focus on where you are currently. This is only temporary and you can do this!!!! Before you know it, you’ll be getting better, but you’ve gotta believe it!
(and do it:-)

Never give up!! Remember, it doesn’t matter where you were, but what’s important is where you’re going! So stay positive, and stay focused to get you there.

Please be sure to stay connected with the Saturday calls & the prayer calls on Sunday too! They are so helpful!!

Hang in there, we know you can do this!!

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