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How I Cured Morgellons

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6:10:05 PM
Check out the Thread, HELLO DOWN UNDER


Hello and welcome! :-).

It is great to hear that both you and your son are definitely on the right track to get well re diet and the protocol.

It's also so good that you have joined the forum.

This is also a fantastic website, with so much information and knowledge at your fingertips!. We are a friendly helpful community who will all do our best to support you in your journey.

I appreciate that you may not be able to join our skype weekend calls. Being nine hours ahead of the UK would mean the Saturday call would be two am and the Sunday prayer call four am your time.

It is unfortunate re the time difference. But joining Skype you could still contact Mel and other members of the community. It's completely free to call Skype to Skype.

I talk to someone else regularly in Australia who has this disease. We just manage the time difference.

So glad you reached out,

Take care,


3:24:35 PM

Hi Meredith,

Welcome to the community!

It's a place of comfort, love, understanding, sharing, caring and healing!

You're safe here!

Much Love,

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