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9:30:49 PM
Contact Mel get your free coaching call.

Hi Max,

I'm sorry you're going through this but glad you found the site. You are on the right path to healing with this community - you just have to commit yourself to the protocol and follow the sum of the parts. I've been on the protocol for almost 9 months now and am in a much better spot than I was before I started! There are alot of gimmicks out there, get well quick sites. This is not one of them. You will not be cured overnight, it takes time and dedication.

God Bless!


1:42:36 PM

Dear Max,

I am sorry you and your family have Morgellons. I understand completely what you are going through. I am glad however that you have found this website and Mel and the community.

The first thing I would absolutely recommend is to sign up five dollars a month to read the website. And read read and read everything you can if you have not already done so. And as Robin said, come to our free calls Saturday and Sunday.

You don't need to be alone going through this. We will all reach out to help you and your family best we can. If you become part of our community, you will have so much help, support, knowledge and understanding.

For now, please cut out all alcohol, sugars and toxins in your diet like tobacco if used. Try to alkaline your diet as much as possible. Kleen Green diluted seven parts water one part kleen green will help in a spray bottle re crawling sensations on the skin. It will also help clean the environment and is safe to use on a toddlers skin and surroundings. Sulphur soap is also excellent to help topical symptoms.

The main thing that you need to do to fight this disease is build up your inner bioterrain(from the inside out) . Talk to Mel if you haven't already, everyone gets a free coaching call when they join us.

Make sure your child's yogurt is sugar free, organic and full of healthy probiotics. and limit fruits and don't give high glycemic fruits like bananas and grapes or dried fruits re high sugar content. Try to stick to low glycemic fruits for your child like a few berries.

Limit carbs, you can get cauliflower rice in place of rice and eat eggs, fresh fish, meat, lots of cruciferous vegetables and salads. . Almonds are a good low carb snack. Fresh garlic and ginger are anti fungal and helpful. Avocado's and extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil can be used for healthy fats. Fresh lime or lemon can be used with stevia and water (stevia from plant extract no added ingredients) for a nice drink. Nettle tea will help detox the skin and liver. Chamomile tea will help your nervous system.

Make sure you get enough sleep and drink enough water. Tea and Karianne are doing a call this Saturday on diet. I think it would be great if you could attend or listen when it's up on the website.

I hope to hear you on the calls so that we can all help you.

Take care,

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