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Newbies: Steps To Success

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Rockin Robin
8:42:57 AM

Morgellons - It's the Sum Of The Parts
It's the Sum Of The Parts

Hello Newbies,

Just a reminder that these are the most important steps to achieve healing success.
Make sure you are following these steps ASAP.

1. Coaching
2. Diet
3. Protocol
4. Sum Of The Parts

These steps are a must in your healing journey!

Also, have these products in your arsenal to fight the symptoms of this disease:
1. Logos Nutritionals
2. Sovereign Silver and Sovereign Copper ( both liquid and gel are great )
3. WPS ( for laundry and orally-only when Mel tells you it's time )
4. Essential Oils ( some are invaluable - ex. peppermint stops itching, lavender stops running nose, Tea is the expert on essential oils, post to her and ask questions)
5. Kleen Green

Hope this helps you. It can be overwhelming at first, just take one day at a time and add slowly. Soon, it all will be second nature to you. I learned a great deal by reading in the website and listening to the weekend calls. Also, it is a great help to get involved and connect with members. You will learn a lot that way too, but remember Mel is the expert!

Do things that keep you uplifted and happy everyday. Music is my go to and movies, and anything religious such as documentaries, movies, and devotionals etc... I also sing during chores ( of which I have many, chores that is ).

And remember, we are here for you! Post to us and we will answer. Many are praying for you daily, rest assured.

Love & Hugs,
Your Sister In Christ,
Rockin Robin ( AKA - The Kraken )

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