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Rockin Robin **

8:12:39 PM

Dear Greta, Desiree, Diane & Joshua, Lily, Dianna, Miles, Timothy and everyone else,

First a shout out to the newbies ( although some of you are almost not new ), but just want to say the way you all are participating and posting and showing up for the phone calls, it really warms my heart! Participating helps in this process too !!

I look forward to the day you are well into recovery and happily helping other newbies coming in. I feel it is the least I can do to pay it forward and help this wonderful community, website, and our dear Mel !!

Hope everyone is finding it easier and easier to manage this disease and fight!! I pray for us all !! Everyday that goes by is one day closer to complete healing!! We must all hang in there and follow the Sum of the Parts as closely as possible! We will win, as many before us have!! God is our refuge, strength, and peace!!

I want to say, I'm really happy, which surprises me, I couldn't say that a year ago!!!
Thank you God, Mel, and Community!!

I hope you are all having a good week. Just want to say Love you All !!

Hugs, Rockin Robin

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