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Rockin Robin
8:00:35 AM


Dear Newbies,

This is just a letter of HOPE, FAITH, and LOVE. Yes, that which is mentioned in the Bible in 1 Corinthians chapter 13.

First, I want you to know that I'm speaking to you from my own personal experiences and from what I have learned from Mel Friedman, his glorious website, and this wonderful community,

I have been here for about a year and a half and in that time, I have read, listened, and learned a lot from this website. It is truly an eye opener for people suffering with toxic diseases. Over my time here, I have come to understand what toxic diseases are, the theories behind how they are contracted and some of the only ways to heal successfully from these diseases.

This website can give you more than you want to know, everything you need to know, and solutions you will have to know to heal yourself and get completely well. This disease can be very scary; the symptoms make it hard to live a normal daily life. But, be assured there are others here who know what your going through.

If you have contracted Lyme, Morgellons, any of the over 50 co-infections associated with Lyme, or you just need to find a diagnosis for what is wrong with you and your body, this is a great place to start!

Unlike most doctors, who have had little or no training or education about toxic diseases, there is over twelve years of documented cases and healings of toxic diseases here on this website.

There are many people who have had similar symptoms, people who are experiencing the same strange phenomenon that you may be experiencing and people who will believe you, understand you and care about you.

There is great HOPE here! Mel Friedman does not ever turn anyone away, but has dedicated his life to helping others. With time, patience, a faithful regimen, and HOPE, you can get well. Mel has always said, " Those who do not give up HOPE, do get well."

There is Christian faith here if you are interested. However, all people of all religions, nationalities, and races are welcomed and respected here. There is caring for the human race and the human condition within this community. Basic faith is encouraged - the belief that you can and will get well !

We want nothing from you , only to help you. When you join the website, it will open up a vast amount of information that will be helpful in your healing process and it is cheap! $ 5,00 dollars a month. I went to many doctors and spent tons of money and never got any real help!

When you join this community of fellow sufferers, you will find an atmosphere of acceptance, non-judgement, sincere care and friendship. A love and respect for each other and a deep desire for helping and supporting each other is exemplified here. I have never felt more love and compassion from complete strangers who have now become dear friends by phone and posts,

It's a wonderful feeling! I truly love Mel and this community! assured that this is a safe place to be. There are no quacks, cults, fanatics or scams of any kind here, just a group of sufferers who have found an answer to prayers in Mel and his website

A man who was healed from toxic diseases that nearly took his life. His solemn promise to God to help others, has been fulfilled in the last 12 years and is still being fulfilled today!

I am about halfway there to being completely well and am so much better than I was when I first found Mel and the website, I see and know his regimen is working!

I have read and heard testimonies from many people who have gained complete health and wellness from Mel's advice and guidance!

And, during my healing journey, I have found joy again!

My advice to you, whether you are new or just browsing, is don't wait! Join the website; let Mel start you on the program. Waiting only delays your healing and battling this disease takes time. I have seen many who come and go and then eventually return here for real healing. I say from my own experience, don't waste valuable time and money.

Everyday that passes puts me closer to complete healing. I feel better and better as time passes and the symptoms bother me less and less. I have found joy and happiness again which I had lost a year and a half ago.

My wish for you is the confidence to start this program for complete wellness, success and happiness through the journey, and a feeling of deep peace and love!

Thank you for taking the time to read this post.

In His Love, Rockin Robin

1. Call or email Mel Friedman
2. Join the website
3. Start the diet
4. Start the Protocol
5. Start coaching with Mel
Those who do not give up HOPE, do get well !!!

Rockin Robin
8:00:35 AM

Morgellons -

Dear Greta, Desiree, Diane & Joshua, Lily, Dianna, Miles, Timothy and everyone else,

First a shout out to the newbies ( although some of you are almost not new ), but just want to say the way you all are participating and posting and showing up for the phone calls, it really warms my heart! Participating helps in this process too !!

I look forward to the day you are well into recovery and happily helping other newbies coming in. I feel it is the least I can do to pay it forward and help this wonderful community, website, and our dear Mel !!

Hope everyone is finding it easier and easier to manage this disease and fight!! I pray for us all !! Everyday that goes by is one day closer to complete healing!! We must all hang in there and follow the Sum of the Parts as closely as possible! We will win, as many before us have!! God is our refuge, strength, and peace!!

I want to say, I'm really happy, which surprises me, I couldn't say that a year ago!!!
Thank you God, Mel, and Community!!

I hope you are all having a good week. Just want to say Love you All !!

Hugs, Rockin Robin

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