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9:21:35 AM

Hello Katharine,

I have found drinking straight freshly-squeezed lemon juice (you can add stevia if you wish, to make it more palatable)

It really kills the crawling, tingling and wiggles immediately.

I bought an electric juicer, a cheap one, and stock up on lemons.Make a full glass of the juice and chug it down quickly, see if that helps.

It helps me every time so I hope it works for others too!! Hang in there.


10:37:17 AM

Help With Eczema

Hi Everyone,

I have read for days on our forum for help with my eczema and have tried so many suggestions from others but am having a terrible time getting relief. Castor oil was helping but seems to have stopped.

The lemonade cleanse has helped some with the crawling and itching but seems to have stopped, too.

I have tried Sarna Lotion, essential oils, Kleen Green, Aloe Vera Lotion, Coconut oil, Neem Oil and so many to mention. Have prescriptions from dermatologist, too.

If anyone has any suggestions that has helped them I would so much appreciate your help.

Reading so much on my computer even with rubber gloves seems to make it so much worse.

Thanks So Much!


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