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1:50:31 AM

Hi Lise

Well done for finding us, I thank god that I found this site too.

Why not join our weekend conferences so you can get to know us, we are a friendly bunch hear and it is safe, no scary stories or pictures.

On Saturday's Mel often organizes guest speakers these are very informative, other times we have questions and answers where we can ask other members how they deal with numerus issues when suffering with Morgellons.

Sometimes Mel holds competitions with really great prizes up for grabs. These conference calls are taped, maybe you have already listen to some.

On Sunday we have prayer and fellowship, the prayers are always lovely to listen to, then we go into fellowship ...well anything goes in fellowship we tell and listen to stories from fellow members, tell a few jokes and again many questions are asked, Mel does not tape the Sunday calls so we can let our hair down.

So try and come along and say hello

Freddie x (from England)
Rockin Robin

3:43:23 PM

Dear Lise,

Hello from Texas!! I am known as Rockin Robin in the community. I want to give you a hearty welcome to the website and community!!

You will find others here suffering as you do, and they will have answers, helpful advice, treatments and products that will lesson the burden of the suffering with this toxic disease!

Mel truly is an expert, ; helping many others gain complete wellness as you will see and read the testimonials here. And, you will hear it also from some others!

You will find a caring family here who support and uplift you! You can post questions, and several are bound to answer!
Here is the most important advice I can give anyone:

1. Stay in touch with Mel.
2. Join the website for $5.00 a month and READ, READ< READ!!
3. Get coaching from Mel (it is imperative if you truly want to get well)!!
4.Take all his advice about the protocol and other products!
5. Start a thread of your healing journey that can be updated once a week or more. So you an others can see your progress!!
6.Be active in the community by posting and staying in touch with other sufferers.
7. Follow the "SUM Of The Parts"!!

All these steps ensures the highest percentage in getting well !!!!!!!! And those who got well did this!!

It can be overwhelming at first, but don't let that bother you. With time, you get everything under control. We all have!!
Slow and Steady wins the race!! In 6 months you won't believe where you will be!!

WELCOME, WELCOME my dear Lise! WE are so happy you are here and have found help! Mel and his website is an answered prayer for all of us! And, many of us believe God sent us here!!

Love & Hugs,
Your Christian Sister,
Rockin Robin

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