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12:14:53 PM

Morgellons -

Greetings! Thank you for this reminder.

It is wonderful to have new people on the calls and coming to the site. I have always found it helpful to know that I am not the only one going through a problem. I'm sure others feel the same and when you come to the site and participate in the calls and review the forum, you will have so much support to help you heal and feel like you are not alone.

Our stories help each other and everyone is happy to provide encouragement to one another. Don't be shy!

Thank you,

9:59:34 AM

Morgellons -

I'm here there is so much tipsy tipsy things going on in my life that it's hard to stay focused on my health it seems the road will never end for me , but I truly get inspired reading these posts , I thank each and everyone of you for being open and transparent about your journeys.

Thank you Mel even for the times you have to kick my butt thank you

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