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11:08:19 AM

Hi Robin,

Thanks so much for your kind outreach note.

I am very grateful that I have a place where I can learn and heal and have a fellowship of others who are following the same healing process and at the same time acknowledging that all healing comes from God.

I am inspired by those who have come before me and who have accomplished progress with their symptoms

I would love the opportunity to have contact with you. I am praying for an open mind and to be willing to take direction.

So I am reaching back out to you. It is hard keeping all the balls in the air with the cleaning protocol that I need to do right now to be comfortable. And the food prep etc

I'm not sure who can read this so I hesitate leaving my cell phone number here.

I am waiting for my Logos order and am looking forward to starting it.

I believe that ....
"When we are blessing someone else , God is blessing us in ways we cannot even imagine ."

Thanks again,

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