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6:11:03 PM

My dearest Mel,

Words cannot express the gratitude I have in my heart toward you. Your such an amazing man and I thank God for your commitment to your assignment.

You’re the best! Thank you, Leslie

Dear Tea,

Thank you for such kind words. I so appreciate the gift of our friendship the Lord have blessed us to have. Your such a precious woman with so much to offer. Thank you Tee!

My newest and dearest sister Terry,

You have now become a part of my life and I am so happy the Lord used Mel to bring us together.

Your trust and strength in the Lord during this difficult time truly prove our Lord Jesus Christ is Lord of your life. Know your continually in my prayers. May the joy of the Lord return to your soul even at a time like this. Thank you, Leslie

6:09:48 PM

I pray you enjoy every minute of it, as you are only
'moments' away from the 100% mark! You are an inspiration to us all being the WARRIOR that you are in Christ!!
In His love, Tracy

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