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Coaching !

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3:32:26 PM

Morgellons -

Hello Again and Welcome,

After to talking with three different people I respect and accepting their thoughts on coaching requirements, I have been convinced to lesson the requirements for coaching, check it out!

The Following Requirements for Coaching Are:

All One-on-One Coaching Clients must keep "The Book" when physically able. (reference The Book in search engine or Click Here.)

All One-on-One Coaching Clients must post in our Forum at least once a week. Why, you ask, because everyone who has restored their health found it extremely helpful to track and review their progress.

All One-on-One Coaching Clients must be totally honest about ALL health issues, so we can focus on and address any special needs.

All One-on-One Coaching Clients must be fully committed. I do not wish to take your money or time unless you're truly focused on your own restoration of health.

These requirements may seem odd but after fourteen years I have come to understand what it takes for one to restore their health.

God bless,

It's true, those who did not give up HOPE restored their health!

7:05:57 AM

Morgellons -  PHONE, SKYPE OR ZOOM

In the battles of toxic diseases there is always going to be so many questions. Questions related to the symptoms, diet, the protocol and proven successful treatments. Most commonly, it has us all wondering what will be best, especially when symptoms can be so different for each individual.

Since this journey is so unique to each of us, one of the main ways to maneuver through it all is with coaching.

Proven beneficial, it is a unique opportunity to receive help for what seems to be so overwhelming. So, the soonest your questions are answered, the easier it will become to move forward to have your health restored.

Please remember your journey to have your healthy life back starts here. If you are unsure about coaching, read from others who have shared their coaching experience and be sure to read testimonies of those who did well!

Most importantly, remember that no matter what the world says, it’s not all in your head AND you can get through this, one day at a time!

So be sure to refer to the coaching information and the times available. Simply click on the link in the top left corner on the home page/screen of this website, or scroll down to the very first post in this topic!

You got this!

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