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Rockin Robin

3:35:47 PM

Dear Nancy,

You have my prayers, dear friend!! Hang in there, I will pray about your food situation!! You have us!! When you feel bad or lost just post we will answer!! Don't be afraid to reach out!! You are going to get better with time if you follow Mel's advice!!

WE care about you and are praying for the very best for you!! He hears us, His word tells us so!!! You claim Bible verses and pray them, He honors His own Words!! Listen to the call, it was recorded!! They will be speaking again!!!

Love & Hugs DEAR SISTER!!
Rockin Robin

3:23:40 PM

Hi Nancy,

I'm somewhat of a newbie here, but wanted you to know that you definitely have my prayers. I'm sure you've been working hard to get through this battle and hopefully depending on the Lord! I pray that He gives you strength to keep fighting the good fight. He's got you - even when you feel crushed (and I'm sure you do right now). Remember, God has a good plan for you even when it doesn't always feel like it. We've got to hang on to our faith! He'll make a way....

Take care and hope you will be on this Saturday's call.


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