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7:44:52 AM
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Hi Donald,

Thanks for this info. I will definitely start using the silver more than I am. I wake up each morning with dry red itchy eyes. My surgery went really well and I am thankful to say I don't need glasses to drive and I can see at night. Colors are so much brighter as well. I am so glad I got this taken care of.

I do know what you mean about the biofilm. My feet are the worst as well. Thank God for Mel, the protocol and our fellow warriors and manufacturers to be there to see us through the process of becoming completely healthy.

Take care Donald,

2:14:22 PM

Hello Linda,

Hope you are doing well with your eyes.

As you know I had a cataract removed and a lens installed, It was a easy operation that went well.

Always remember not to rub your eyes, I wash my eyes using a clean face cloth that I wet in warm tap water and let it soak on my eyes for 1-minute before I start clearing my eyes of grit & bio-film , I do have a big problem with bio-film on my head & feet.

I also make sure to apply 2-drops of sovereign silver to each eye before bed when I take my nightly WPS dose.

I also apply 1-drop of silver to each eye when I take my breakfast & lunch supplements to stay on top of this problem.

Hope this procedure was useful to you.


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