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10:20:18 AM

Hello Everyone and Blessings to You All!

Last Saturday’s CT&M call was one of great emotion and sentiment as Mel “and Company” celebrated 12 years of serving the Toxic Disease Community.

We heard from Warriors past give their testimony of sticking with Mel and the Protocol, and ultimately ALL having regained their life. Among past Warriors and current members battling this disease were some “newbies” and we WELCOME YOU ALL to this amazing community and hope you’ll continue coming back for more! And, let’s not forget the great input on supplements and medication provided by John B, Glenn, Jill and... a special appearance by Cathee from Kleen Green!

As testimonies were shared, the key focus areas that helped them succeed related to the Sum of the Parts - diet, rest, Protocol supplements, coaching with Mel and consistently applying ALL the parts.

There is no shortcut to beating this disease - it takes following the Sum of the Parts, staying accountable and connected in this community, and throwing up your hands and surrendering everything to God.

Lots of open discussion on supplements and understanding what is working for others on their journey - from timing of supplements and other holistic remedies, to diet and nutrition, to mind tricks and hacks to distract oneself from the side effects that can only be described as horror and Sci-Fi.

From the bottom of Mel’s heart and all those who have developed this community as it is today, THANK YOU for placing your trust in this community and giving it all up to God. I know my wife and I still have a long way to go, but we are in a much better place now than we were when we found this place nearly 1 year ago. Stay strong, have faith, and you WILL get well!

Tune into the call using the link below.

Stay well and healthy!

Coffee, Tea with Me - HICM 12 Year Anniversary - 02-13-21

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