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Rockin Robin

8:29:11 PM

Hello Everyone!!

Sorry it has been a while since I've posted! My family has been home!!! There are positive and negative references to that statement!!! Hahaha!! Seriously, there has been more to do with everyone home as I'm sure many of you know.

We are managing well through the crisis, I do need Kleenexes and have not been able to get certain foods for the diet, but feel blessed to have what we do have.

This is truly eye-opening, isn't it?? Is it the Bible prophesies coming true?? It has been surprising and reassuring, the fact that I have had no real fear. I feel and believe that God knows my exact days on this earth, the Bible tells us so. He knows the exact number of hairs on my head. When my days are up, He will take me home. We as Christians have all those wonderful promises in His Word.

God will make many positives out of these negative situations. Maybe many people will come to know Him through all of this!!

Because of the virus, my daughter and her fiancée had to postpone their wedding. She was really freaking out at first, but after talking to the venue, vendors, mom and her friends, she realized it is for the best. Because of the postponements in March and April and their rescheduling, the earliest date available is July 2021. Their wedding date was May 30,2020. Yes , they will have to wait a whole year. If she cancelled, she would have to start all over with a new venue and dates probably wont be good with them either. They have already paid for a huge portion of the cost and she likes the place and set up. She doesn't want to start all over. Its really a lot of work!!

They had already cancelled bachelor and bachelorette parties because of travel and they had to cancel honeymoon ( can't leave US ).

So, looking at positives, more time more money, and it will all be paid off early. She wants what they have planned, hopefully in a year's time, they can get it!!

I have been praying for family, friends, the community and the world!!

I have seen some amazing acts of kindness during this time and a few disappointing acts, but more good than bad which is very encouraging!! Hopefully this too will pass soon!

I will keep you all in my prayers. Please remember to pray for Mel, his goals, the website, his dream for a clinic and all the people out their who may need this refuge for healing.

I love you all !! HUGS,
Rockin Robin

5:54:16 PM

Mel & Chrissie ,

Thank you for your pushing patience for all of us.
Stress is definitely the enemy and Jesus is looking over all of us,
we just have to trust him and know he is giving us what we need to get to the end of this journey.

Tell him every day you have put your trust in him and he will deliver.

I know I am feeling so much better now that I have stopped stressing out and knowing this will pass!

As my mother used to tell me most of the things we worry about never happen!! She was so wise!

We are all in the right place to get well.


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