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9:22:30 PM

Hi Hoffnung,

The first thing we need to avoid is sugar or anything that turns to sugar. Sugar feeds this disease and they multiply. I avoid alcohol, bread, pasta, rice, starches like potatoes and of course drinks with sugar or sugar substitutes. There is a thread in the forum
that has lot's of wonderful food that's easy to make!

In my case I also have Candida so I avoid fruits with a lot of sugar in them as well. I suggest you do as well in the beginning.

I've found that Cashews, Macadamia, and almonds are better choices.

I'm so glad you're here. I hope you come to the calls on Saturday.

Love, Nicholas

4:15:26 PM

Hi Hoffnung,

Your English was good :-).

Yes as Mel says peanuts are bad for us, they often contain mycotoxins and mold.

I think you will find that almonds are a great substitute. Almonds (roasted or raw), almond butter and almond flour, even unsweetened almond milk are all fine for us. Tahini (sesame seed paste) is also fine for us too.

I find a few Brazil nuts are OK for me and hazelnuts in moderation too. But cashew nuts and pistachio nuts I found to be too moldy and they exacerbated candida symptoms and Morgellons itch.

Take care,

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