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10:19:37 PM

Hello Karen

Your post is very informative! "Thank you."

Here is just a bit more that I enjoyed discovering. The G stands for generation. 1G was voice. 2G was talk and text. 3G was talk, text and internet. 4G was talk, text, internet, and video platforms like You Tube and Skype. 5G will be .... lets just say, alarmingly unhealthy.

Some helpful considerations....

Limit children's phone use. Young children's brains can absorb twice as much cell phone radiation as those of adults. Health agencies in at least 6 countries are currently recommending limits for children's phone use.
More research is needed, but we cant ignore the studies (like those you noted) that suggest that caution is certainly warranted. For more useful tips, visit EWG.ORG/CELLPHONE-RADIATION.

Strength and Love,

Ruth Ann

1:03:52 PM


Thank you Karen for this report.

Of course is has 2 sides the yes its dangerous and no there is no danger to 5G.

What I have heard are pretty much negative.

How do we combat this in our homes if our internet , TV and phone provider is 5G.

Ruth Ann

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