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8:46:46 PM
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What beautiful posts you both have written. I dont know that I can write so well but I do know that I am very grateful for each and every one of you who give to the foundation in such amazing ways.

As I have said in the past, i dont know how i could have continued to get better, work and be here for my granddaughter without your gracious hearts. I am so grateful for all of you as well as Mel, this website and all the warriors who came before, here now and still to come. Thank you to the wonderful people at Logos and Kleen Green. There are no words to Express my gratitude.

Bless you and thank you for continuing to be there for us every month.


7:13:52 PM

Dear All,

I really really like the title of this thread giving as it does, 'praise and blessings,' to those who donate to the HCAF. For as a very grateful recipient of this wonderful organization I simply cannot thank the lovely people who donate enough!!!!

Indeed I would sing you all a song of praise at the top of my voice!!!!

I would also do a wee dance for you all, swirling around in multicoloured clothes!

I would play the tambourine for you, or shimmy the 'Logos,' bottles, the tablets rattling like maracas!:-).

For truly, what each of you does is a great and beautiful and selfless thing!!!!

You are opening up your hearts to care for others who have been suffering a lot with toxic disease.

Many of you know first hand what a treacherous illness this can be. You also know that everyone needs the, 'sum of the parts,' to heal.

And so, you all thought carefully to reach out, to all of us recipients and truly say that we are not alone in this journey.

With each donation you hold us up!!

With each donation you show compassion, empathy and support.

You tell us all that there is indeed Hope and light at the end of the tunnel!!!

Each donation is really like a helping hand stretched out to help us all up on our feet. With this help, we recipient's can move towards healing in a way that we never thought possible since getting sick.

So....... each of us does truly indeed, 'praise and bless,' you all!!!! We are all at times in awe of your kindness!!!!

We are sooo thankful to you all and to Mel and to the manufacturers. For without you , the Hope of getting well would not have been realized.

So, if anyone is thinking of donating, please do, no amount is too small. All is very gratefully received!!!

And when you do donate, just know that we recipients are smiling from all over the world, right back at you all!!!!!!

With lots of love,

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