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2:06:34 PM

Dear Lord,

I come to you today to pray for Ruth Ann and her son Terry after the loss of Tom her beloved husband and Terry's dad.

Lord please surround Ruth Ann and Terry with your healing love and light in this difficult time. Dear Tom passed away so suddenly.

Tom and Ruth Ann were married 47 years. Dear Lord, you know how Ruth Ann is feeling now and how Terry is. They need your loving arms around them at all times.

We know you hear our prayers and will help Ruth Ann to be well. And we know that you will comfort Ruth Ann and Terry now and going forward. We know that you will also help their hearts and minds to cope. And that you will protect them and love them. Thank you Lord.


6:03:55 PM

Thank you Brenda for you sweet prayer for Ruth Ann. Let’s continue to lift her & her family members up and pray that God continues to give them strength, peace and comfort.

It’s always a great blessing to be reminded to pray!

Thanks so much!

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