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6:14:02 PM
I told you holly, you can drive when mum get's better

Hello everybody :-)

It's Chrissie here!

I just want to say a big thank you to each and every person who has prayed for me and sent caring and healing thoughts my way too.

Thank you so very very much!!! Each prayer is very much appreciated and I know that they help.

So many kind and thoughtful people here, it is touching indeed. Your lovely posts, on this thread and the beautiful pictures too that you posted Mel, have all brought a smile to my face.

Im better than I was thank God, though I still have some serious health issues to deal with. However I'm dealing with this a day at a time that's all we can all do. Bit by bit, we need to handle our difficulties in small steps. I'm trying to live in the moment.

The, 'prayer call,' was so lovely it made me cry. I couldn't believe people were all thinking of me and praying for me like that.. It was a beautiful thing! Thank you very much to Mel(what a lovely idea soo thoughtful of you) , Cheryl and to all who participated, helping me to feel better just by listening to it :-).

Cheryl has been just great to me, so supportive, she's a gem of a person! I haven't felt like talking on the phone (oh boy there must be something wrong ha ha). However, Cheryl kept in touch by email daily making sure I was OK. What a lady!!!! :-).

Thanks to everyone else who has asked after me and Holly too!

Holly says hello and woof and gives you all a kiss and a big paw paw :-).

Love Chrissie and Holly.

3:01:08 PM
From around the WORLD there are prayers for YOU!

Dear Chrissie,

I havent got on here in quite a while. I know the group has been praying for you to get better soon. Know that I am praying for you too. You have so many of us praying. Hope that brings you peace and strength and gets you better soon.


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