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9:52:50 AM

Dear Chrissie,

Just a note to tell you I am earnestly praying for dear sweet Holly and you!!
Just know you are loved and Holly too!!

You will be in my prayers daily. We always miss you when your not here!

Your sweet, loving, caring presence is such a blessing to us! Trust God, his plans are perfect and don't worry!!

Loads of hugs and love!!!
Rockin Robin

1:53:55 PM

Dear Karen (laughing bird), Linda and Terry,

Thank you so so much for your absolutely lovely posts. I am very touched by them.

Karen you jumped right into our community and are always there being creative/knowledgeable and sharing a story or two to brighten people's day!

Linda, I too am glad to call you my friend and value the times we talk together. We get each others sensitivity and you are a thoughtful and gentle person!

Terry, I also like talking with you and listening to you on the calls . You are caring and considerate and such a warm character!

Thanks lovely ladies :-).

Take the best care each of you,as you all deserve the absolute best!!!!!!!!!

Love your wee Scottish Sister,
Chrissie and Holly (woof).

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